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Dissecting Ghostbusters!

GHOSTBUSTERS! Say friends, we want your honest opinion, are you lining up for the July 15th release of GHOSTBUSTERS? If so, why so? If not, why not? With a quick pulse-check out of the way, allow us to proceed. See, we've made no secret of our feelings for a refurbished GHOSTBUSTERS movie. As staunch lifers who grew up with the original, our feelings have...
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Dissecting Jeff Goldblum!

JEFF GOLDBLUM! Any fans of Jeff Goldblum in the house? Where you at? Seriously, is there a major Hollywood actor who has a more distinguished and discernible look than Mr. Goldbum? I know we Dissected Michael Berryman a ways back, and he certainly contends, but in terms of A-list talent, Jeff Goldblum sort of stands alone. With his own offbeat energy and comedic...
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Dissecting Patrick Wilson!

PATRICK WILSON! Patrick Wilson is a damn good actor. Almost unheralded, really. Does this guy ever get the credit he deserves? Seriously, ever since bursting onto the genre scene with HARD CANDY in 2005, Wilson has brought his universally approachable appeal - a handsome but believable everyman - to pretty much every part he's played. On through LITTLE CHILDREN,...
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Dissecting Johnny Depp!

JOHNNY DEPP! Man oh man, Johnny Depp used to be my favorite actor. Seriously, who had a more prolific, widely decorated run of films in the 1990s? Kevin Spacey? Tom Hanks maybe? I mean it. From about 1990 to 2005 - Depp embodied everything we wanted in a constantly watchable film actor. The dude exuded a cool, indie, artsy, offbeat, daring, bold, challenging, totally...
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Dissecting Kevin Bacon!

KEVIN BACON! Who doesn't love Bacon? Kevin Bacon. Real shite, ever since getting savagely paddled in the ass in ANIMAL HOUSE and then lethally gouged through the throat with an arrow in FRIDAY THE 13TH, this dude has won our heartfelt sympathy. Has he not? 35 years later and the sympathy has grown into adoration, if not total adulation. No doubt about it, this...
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Dissecting Bill Paxton!

BILL PAXTON! "Do you realize, it's snowing in my room goddamn it?!?" Ah, Bill Paxton, what a national treasure. Not sure about you, but this dude has been such a part of my life the through the litany of parts he's played in some of the most iconic of films over the years - big and small, blockbuster or indie - that he's easily become one of my...
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Dissecting April Fool's Day!

APRIL FOOL'S DAY! Well well our good friends, outside of Halloween, the biggest day of slick trickery elaborate tomfoolery is only a few days away. Yup, it's April Fool's Day! Love it, loathe it, the time is nigh. As such, we thought we'd try something a bit different this week with our Dissection article. Instead of breaking down director Fred Walton...
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Dissecting J.J. Abrams!

J.J. ABRAMS! Quick query. Is J.J. Abrams the new Spielberg? Think about it. Or is it now more apt to equate the visionary Hollywood power-player with that of George Lucas? Perhaps J.J. can be considered a 21st century hybrid of the two. After-all, few filmmakers these days can wield the same kind of producorial power and still remain an uncompromised artistic output...
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Dissecting Actor Michael Berryman!

MICHAEL BERRYMAN! Whether you know the dude by name or not, there's no question you recognize the unique face of one Michael Berryman. Horror genre or no, very few character actors have possessed such a one of a kind physical appearance and parlayed such into a fruitful four-decade career the way Berryman has. Funnily enough, my personal introduction to the man...
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Dissecting Mia Wasikowska!

"What I like about film is it explores imperfections. That was something that really attracted me." MIA WASIKOWSKA Mia Wasikowska is one of my favorite young actors working right now. Hell, strike young, she's one of my favorite actors period. Ever since first spotting this chick in Greg McLean's killer-croc flick ROGUE back in 2007, then on In...
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Dissecting Director Bernard Rose!

"The glorious thing about horror is that this is the only genre where you can kill the entire cast." - Bernard Rose With a learned quote like that, it's hard not to side with writer/director Bernard Rose. Of course, his atmospherically unnerving horror cult-classic CANDYMAN doesn't quite cotton to the theory of the aforementioned quote, but it comes...
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Dissecting M. Night Shyamalan!

M. NIGHT SHYAMALAN! So friends, what do we make of one M. Night Shyamalan? Has there ever been a more polarizing mainstream filmmaker this side of Ed Wood or Uwe Boll? Seriously? Or at least, among so called "A-list" filmmakers? Because, let's face it, the narrative on M. Night's career seems to be one devolving from undeniable wunderkind early on...
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