Director David F. Sandberg shares Annabelle: Creation behind the scenes pics

If it wasn't clear by this point, I love behind the scenes pics from film sets. I collect all that I can find. Makes sense, it's what I want to do for a living (be on film sets, not, you know, collect pics). Anyway, I know most of the rest of you out there feel the same way so it is with this in mind that I shared all the behind the scenes collections I find. Today's...
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UPDATED! Annabelle: Creation trailer tease & poster, full trailer tomorrow!

UPDATE: The ANNABELLE: CREATION poster just dropped. Check it out below! It was only yesterday we learned that THE CONJURING spin-off sequel (yikes) ANNABELLE 2 was now going to going by another title. That new title is ANNABELLE: CREATION , and today we have the trailer tease to share with you guys. This is, of course, like all other trailer teases in that it runs only...
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Annabelle has competition: Meet Heidi, the new killer doll on the block

With ANNABELLE bringing creepy, haunted dolls back into fashion, I assume we can expect to see all sorts of little plastic nightmares with painted faces running amok soon. First up, HEIDI , a deadly dolly starring in a low-budget movie with her name on it. Directed by Daniel Ray, HEIDI looks to bring the found footage angle to the killer toy genre, and the first official trailer for the...
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Jane Levy going to A Dark Place

"Suburgatory" star Jane Levy, who will next be delighting and terrifying fans in her role of Mia in the upcoming EVIL DEAD remake, has just signed on for another genre film, scoring the leading role in Bharat Nalluri's horror thriller IN A DARK PLACE. IN A DARK PLACE is a psychological thriller focused around a young American governess, played by Levy, who goes to London to take care...
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