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Dolph Lundgren kicks demon ass in this Don't Kill It image gallery, trailer

DON'T KILL IT , the demon-hunting supernatural thriller that unites the 80's action badass Dolph Lundgren with the bonkers genre filmmaker Mike Mendez ( BIG-ASS SPIDER , LAVALANTULA), has just dropped a massive payload of incredible materials. In addition to an image gallery depicting the blank-eyed demonic evil Lundgren will be facing off against, we get a trailer showing us...
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Final wave of Fantastic Fest programming includes Campbell and Lundgren

We're exactly two weeks away from the first day of this year's edition of Alamo Drafthouse's Fantastic Fest , which is set to take place at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar in Austin, Texas from September 22 nd to September 29 th. We've previously shared two waves of programming announcements from the festival - you can find the first wave here and the second wave...
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Dolph Lundgren is badass in this bonkers Don't Kill It trailer

DON'T KILL IT , the newest film from BIG-ASS SPIDER   auteur  Mike Mendez, is gearing up to be a helluva good time. Starring action hero Dolph Lundgren, the demonic flick has just launched its first trailer. Mendez's nutso approach to genre filmmaking is embodied in Lundgren's perfectly badass line deliveries and the preview's gobsmacking...
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Matthias Hues announces a sequel to I Come in Peace/Dark Angel

I have had a strong appreciation for the 1990 sci-fi action thriller I COME IN PEACE , which is also known by the title DARK ANGEL in some territories and recently won a Face-Off battle with the sci-fi actioner SPLIT SECOND , ever since it first came out when I was a kid. Directed by former stunt coordinator Craig R. Baxley from a screenplay by Jonathan Tydor and David Koepp...
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Creature feature Welcome to Willits adds Dolph Lundgren and more

When I shared the news last month that the creature feature WELCOME TO WILLITS would soon be heading into production, I had a feeling that it could be a cool movie, but I didn't realize that the filmmakers were going to try so hard to achieve all-out awesomeness. They may have already reached that goal by casting Dolph Lundgren in the film. Lundgren is a favorite of mine,...
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Face-Off: I Come in Peace vs. Split Second

This week's Face-Off comes at the suggestion of Arrow in the Head reader Phil Mitchell, who sent in an idea that immediately captured my imagination and made me smile, because I'm fan of both of the films he mentioned and watched them both many times back in the day. Phil wants to see a battle of cheesy '90s action/sci-fi/horror flicks, 1990's I COME IN PEACE (a.k.a. DARK ANGEL) vs. 1992's...
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Miles Doleac joins Lundgren and Klebe in Mike Mendez's Don't Kill It

Production has wrapped on DON'T KILL IT , the blood-soaked new film from THE CONVENT / GRAVEDANCERS / BIG ASS SPIDER director Mike Mendez (we shared a batch of behind-the-scenes pictures here ), and coinciding with the end of filming is the announcement that actor Miles Doleac is in this awesome-sounding project, playing FBI head Deacon Shepard. Doleac, who you...
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Mike Mendez's Don't Kill It set will need a major clean-up crew

Mike Mendez is two weeks into shooting his new flick DON'T KILL IT , starring superhuman Dolph Lundgren. From the looks of this picture shared from set, his custodial staff must be superhuman as well. There's enough blood this photo to fill a dozen humans, and the best thing is it's all practical! There's no saying how much CGI will make its way into the film, but the...
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Filming begins on Mike Mendez's Don't Kill It, starring Dolph Lundgren

It didn't take much to sell me on the movie DON'T KILL IT . All I needed to know was that director Mike Mendez ( THE CONVENT , GRAVEDANCERS , BIG ASS SPIDER ) and Dolph Lundgren, one of my childhood heroes, were teaming up to bring the following story to life:  A demon hunter teams with a reluctant FBI agent to battle an ancient evil unleashed in a small American town,...
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Dive into the new trailer for Shark Lake

Aside from having the best concept ever, SHARK LAKE also has a new trailer! The film,  starring Dolph Lundgren as the grizzled shark hunter (you heard me right), looks like an entertaining cheesefest and this trailer is certainly more tight and action-packed than the original promo. Just when you thought it was safe to go hang-gliding... Check out the full video below!...
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Trailer for Shark Lake, starring Dolph Lundgren, swims online

Some of his co-stars in the EXPENDABLES movies may get more attention than him, but I have a special place in my movie-loving heart for Dolph Lundgren, a man who played some of the greatest heroes and villains of my childhood. He was the live action representation of one of my favorite cartoon heroes, He-Man. He played one of my favorite comic book characters in THE PUNISHER. He teamed...
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Dolph Lundgren to play a demon hunter in Mike Mendez's Don't Kill It

EXPENDABLES star and action icon Dolph Lundgren will be playing a demon hunter in Mike Mendez's DON'T KILL IT, a horror-thriller that begins production starting in July, reports Variety. Mendez, who directed BIG ASS SPIDER, is directing from a script by Dan Berk and Robert Olsen of Last Pictures. Here's what we know: Lundgren’s demon hunter will team with...
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