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The Glen / Glenda in Cult of Chucky speculation continues

As CULT OF CHUCKY , the seventh installment in the CHILD'S PLAY franchise, heads toward its October release date, fans are keeping a close eye on writer/director Don Mancini's Twitter account, hoping to pick up clues about the new film in the series Mancini wrote into existence thirty years ago. Mancini is keeping a lot of things under wraps, but one of the major questions...
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Tiffany or Tilly? Who is Jennifer Tilly playing in Cult of Chucky?

One of the best aspects of the last few Chucky movies has been the inclusion of actress Jennifer Tilly. Whether she's playing the killer doll Tiffany or herself, Tilly is always a blast to watch on screen. Now, if you have been wondering like I have, just who Tilly will be playing in CULT OF CHUCKY , today we have a bit of news on the subject straight from the bride of Chucky...
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Jennifer Tilly and Don Mancini are finishing up post on Cult of Chucky!

I have made a film or two in my day - actually just one - and so I know that one of the very last steps in the process is ADR. Which stands for "Additional Dialogue Recording " for those of you not savvy in all the filmmaker cool-guy terms. Basically, it means dubbing your voice back in when it was too loud on set and/or the director wants and/or needs to add a few lines here...
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Child's Play Video Game coming soon?

How would you feel about a video game based on the bloody adventures of Chuck and Co.? I know I would be down for some CHILD'S PLAY action in the digital realm, especially if they got Brad Dourif to supply the voice for the little redheaded sumbitch (and how could they proceed if they didn't, right?) Anyhow, while there is no official announcement on the CHILD'S...
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Cult of Chucky will have a surreal The Shining-like feel

We let you guys know a week ago that Don Mancini's new CHILD'S PLAY flick had wrapped picture. Since then news has been quiet on the seventh sequel in the CHUCKY series. Until today, that is. Below you will find bits and pieces of Don Mancini talking to CBC about CULT OF CHUCKY . In the interview, he goes into a whole host of fun topics such as the new film's...
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Will Glen/Glenda return in Cult of Chucky?

With all the news we're been getting on the CULT OF CHUCKY front, one bit - or should I say character - that has been mostly left in the shadows has been Chucky and Tiffany's little creepy son Glen (or is it Glenda?) voiced by THE LORD OF THE RINGS co-star Billy Boyd (aka Pippin The Singing One). We haven't seen the creeper since SEED OF CHUCKY , but Glen's...
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Cult of Chucky is locked and ready for release!

During the filming of the newest entry in the CHILD'S PLAY series, CULT OF CHUCKY, we were hit with new pics/news seemingly ever damn hour. Since production wrapped, there has been little in the way of new news of the CHUCKY front. Until today... Last night, Chucky creator and CULT OF CHUCKY writer-director Don Mancini took to Twitter to let the world know that...
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Don Mancini talks the style, gore, and doll of Cult of Chucky

Just in time for Halloween of 2017, Universal Home Entertainment will be giving a Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD release to CULT OF CHUCKY , the seventh film in the CHILD'S PLAY franchise. Filmed in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, the sequel wrapped production back in February. CULT OF CHUCKY picks up with CURSE OF CHUCKY character Nica Pierce (played by Fiona Dourif) ...
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Jennifer Tilly discusses coming back as Tiffany for Cult of Chucky

We're still seven months out from the release of CULT OF CHUCKY , the seventh film in the CHILD'S PLAY franchise, but that didn't stop the movie from receiving a lot of attention during an interview with star Jennifer Tilly when she appeared on the weekday morning show New York Live. Tilly was ostensibly on the show to promote the fact that she was taking the stage...
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Cult of Chucky wraps! Coming this Halloween!

The new sequel in the CHILD'S PLAY series CULT OF CHUCKY just wrapped production up in Winnipeg and Don Mancini had this cute little tweet to share with all of us.  POST-WRAP SLUMBER PARTY with @fionadourif I never took down my Xmas tree because every day on this film felt like Xmas morning #cultofchucky — Don Mancini...
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Jennifer Tilly wraps on Cult of Chucky plus new BTS pics

The new CHILD'S PLAY sequel CULT OF CHUCKY is currently filming up in Winnipeg, and we have been swarmed lately with behind the scenes pics courtesy of the Bride of Chucky herself, Jennifer Tilly. Jennifer Tilly joined the production a few weeks back and it seems - as of today - she has wrapped up her role as Tiffany on the new film. I know movies tend to be shot very...
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Jennifer Tilly has gone Tiffany blonde for Cult of Chucky

Over the weekend, Jennifer Tilly headed to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada to join the production of writer/director Don Mancini's CULT OF CHUCKY , the seventh film in the CHILD'S PLAY franchise. As Twitter pictures we shared yesterday showed, when Tilly arrived in Winnipeg on Sunday evening she had dark hair. She doesn't have dark hair anymore. The actress will be reprising...
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