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Gary Oldman co-writing Western vampire novel Blood Riders

More than twenty years after playing BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA in Francis Ford Coppola's version of the classic literary tale, actor Gary Oldman has decided to try his hand at writing some vampire prose himself. Oldman and his manager Douglas Urbanski have closed a deal with Simon & Schuster/Atria Publishing's Emily Bestler Books to co-write a novel called Blood...
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The Weinstein Company takes TV rights to Truman Capote's In Cold Blood

The Weinstein Company has optioned TV rights to Truman Capote’s 1966 bestseller "In Cold Blood" with the aim of making it a TV event series, according to Deadline. Originally a four-part serial in The New Yorker, "In Cold Blood" was published by Random House and went on to become the second-biggest-selling true crime book of all time. It follows......
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It's the Booze Talkin': Robocop remake trailer! I am not buying that for a dollar!

Like it or not, in this day and age remakes have become the norm in Hollywood. When we look back at movies that inspired, entertained and provoked some serious discussion you can guarantee that some studio somewhere has set their sights on bringing it back for a modern audience. Nearly every single day we are hearing about another classic with a fresh coat of paint and some groovy new...
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