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Necessary Evil: Nightmare on Elm Street with Kevin Bacon!

Hello, my horror hounds and welcome back to the scary that is necessary! It's nice to see you. Got a lot of interesting and cool feedback with our last Necessary Evil Horror Suicide Squad ! I had fun reading all the comments, both good and bad. Today's Necessary Evil was inspired from the very recent trending topic of Mr. Kevin Bacon throwing his hat in the ring on...
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The Nightmare (Movie Review)

PLOT: ROOM 237 director Rodney Ascher continues his pseudo-documentary stylings by interviewing eight people victimized by sleep paralysis. The common thread? They're all more or less vexed by the same suffocating NIGHTMARE: sleep paralysis! REVIEW: After leaving the doc world astir with his thought-provoking Kubrick love-letter ROOM 237, filmmaker Rodney Ascher is back with...
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Horror Whores: Parasomnia (2008)

Cherilyn Wilson is pretty damn hot, right? Then why in the world isn't she in more?! I gave you all a look at the actress before in a Horror Whores and now here I am again with this smoking hottie. This time we've got a clip from PARASOMNIA where Wilson is being wiped down by some weird dude. Oh, and she's topless! That just went from boring to a must-watch, didn't it? So what are you...
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