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Karl Urban is down for Dredd 2

Our hopes for a sequel to DREDD have been pummeled over and over again. Writer-producer Alex Garland has pretty much exclusively shot down the idea, but there's one important person who wants to bring Dredd back: Star Karl Urban... Dredd 2 : I'd do it !! @netflix or @Amazon . There's a gold mine of Awesome Mega city 1 stories ! https://t.co/5KeUAizPNS...
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Another nail in the Dredd 2 coffin comes from writer Alex Garland

Yep, another "Is DREDD 2 going to happen or not?!" story. Our last one came courtesy of producer Adi Shankar, who explained what needed to happen in order to get DREDD 2 done. Before that , in January, it was writer-producer Alex Garland telling us the project was in all likelihood dead. Today the bad news is brought home once again by Garland, who just doesn't see a sequel in the...
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Adi Shankar explains what needs to happen for a Dredd sequel to happen

Fans of 2012's DREDD have been begging for a sequel, even going as far as starting petitions to help make it happen, even though the chances for it happening grow slimmer every day. But we're not alone in wanting DREDD 2 as producer Adi Shankar wants it to  happen just as much as we do. So why isn't it being put on the fast track to production? What needs to happen...
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Dredd 2 is not happening with Alex Garland, but could it with someone else?

The "will they or won't they?" saga of DREDD 2 continues. Every few months we hear something positive about a potential DREDD sequel, only to have that hope squashed a few months after that. Today, we're dealing with the latter kind of update - though it does come mixed with a slight bit of optimism. DREDD screenwriter Alex Garland, out promoting his upcoming sci-fi thriller EX...
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Dredd 2 has Olivia Thirlby's support, sequel petition underway

For the past few years, diehard fans of DREDD have let their feelings be known: A sequel is needed - nay - necessary. Though the Pete Travis-directed thriller was a box office flop, it found a devoted following, especially after hitting Blu-ray and DVD. Star Karl Urban has been quite vocal with his support of the idea, but there hasn't been any significant movement on the project that...
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Karl Urban says it's likely we'll see a Dredd 'Origins' storyline

I think it's pretty safe to say that anyone who saw 2012's ultra-badass DREDD wants to see more of the Judge in action. The big question is: will we get it? Karl Urban, the star of DREDD, has been very vocal about wanting to step back into the boots of the character, and even producer Adi Shankar has expressed his desire to bring DREDD back to the screen, sharing back in May...
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Producer gives Dredd 2 update: conversations happening, but no script

So, about that proposed sequel to DREDD. Yeah, we all want it to happen. Even star Karl Urban has been extremely vocal about wanting it to go forward. Judgment is coming, indeed...it just may take a while. We recently heard from Karl Urban that ' conversations are taking place ' on DREDD 2 and while that has been confirmed by DREDD producer Adi Shankar, we may need to...
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Cool Horror Videos: A message from Karl Urban to Dredd fans

I've yet to run into anyone that checked out 2012's kickass DREDD that wouldn't want to see a sequel. It's something that we've been hoping to see happen ever since the film first came out and DREDD himself, Karl Urban, has been leading the charge to help make it happen. Now Urban has released a video to thank fans for their continued support of DREDD 2 and...
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Want more Dredd? Help make it happen!

We've proclaimed our love for the ultra-badass DREDD 3D several times in the past and, like many of you, have been vocal about wanting to see a sequel. We're not alone, fans...DREDD himself, Karl Urban, has been keeping the fight for another film alive and, as we recently shared , has been adamant that fans help take up the fight and be active in the campaign to see a sequel...
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Karl Urban continues Dredd sequel hopes

Karl Urban is keeping hopes alive that we'll one day see a sequel to last years DREDD , once again speaking out on the possibility that we will see a continuation in the future this past weekend at Comic-Con. Back in March DREDD 3D producer Adi Shankar seemingly killed the hopes of seeing a big-screen sequel to the box-office dud but fan-favorite film in an AMA Reddit...
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