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It's the Booze Talkin': Can Patrick Lussier direct another flick already!

As an old school fan of James Cameronís THE TERMINATOR and TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY, I find myself feeling cautiously optimistic for the upcoming TERMINATOR: GENESIS. While the last two feature films didnít quite live up to the franchise good name, Iím hoping for the best with this new flick. Of course if you havenít heard, this highly anticipated sequel boasts a fun cast including...
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Dissecting Actress Amber Heard

”Amber Heard” Buy JOHN CARPENTER’S THE WARD here! One of the coolest things about Scream Queens is that, for the most part, they look like the average girl next door. I’m not gonna take away the hotness of Danielle Harris or Jamie Lee Curtis (in her prime), but they're usually not so unbelievably hot that they could also pass as supermodels....
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