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Cool Horror Videos: Drive Thru Skeleton Prank

If you're a regular reader of our Cool Horror Videos section, then you've no doubt seen some of YouTube user MagicOfRahat 's work before. He seems to really enjoy giving folks a good scare, especially those working the windows at fast food joints. And while today's Cool Horror Video may seem familiar to you, I can promise that you'll still find a lot to love about...
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Cool Horror Videos: Ghost drive-thru prank!

Gotta perfect Friday cool horror video to share with you all! Below, take a look at a hilarious prank where a dude disguises himself in the costume of a car seat, sits in the driver's side of a car and strolls up to a number of drive-thru windows, giving the illusion that the car is driving itself. Obviously the best parts are the range of frightened drive-thru servers, all of whom...
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