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Trailer released for Night of the Living Dead 4K restoration

A trailer has arrived online for a film most of us, if not all of us, have probably already seen by now, George A. Romero's immortal classic NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD . There have been innumerable releases of NIGHT since it made its premiere forty-nine years ago, but the upcoming theatrical re-release is a very important one, as it restores the film to the quality originally...
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Night of the Living Dead 4K restoration gets a poster, screenings begin

Last year, New York's Museum of Modern Art screened a new 4K restoration of George A. Romero's classic NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD , the film that created a horror sub-genre and forever added a new definition to the word "zombie". At the time, Romero said that the restoration returned the film "to the quality we originally intended". Now a wider audience...
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'80s film Vampires, starring Duane Jones, reaches DVD in May

Some you reading this may remember the 1989 film VAMPIRES , but not quite in the way Film Chest Media Group will be putting it out on DVD May 10 th. VAMPIRES wasn't a standalone release in '89, but rather the second half of a two segment anthology film called FRIGHT HOUSE, which was written and directed by Len Anthony. It has been split from its companion story for this DVD...
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Original Vs. Remake: Night of the Living Dead

It was pretty easy for all to agree with the winner of our last Original Vs. Remake that took place on Prom Night. No one showed any love for that dreadful remake PG-13 crapfest. And it was nice being reminded of the early 80's horror quality that the Jamie Lee Curtis original provided. We are serving up some undead action for today's Original Vs. Remake and taking a big bite out of a...
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Kill of the Day: Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Today I'm taking us back folks. I'm talking WAY back. That's right, I'm taking us back to the legendary classic NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. Our first real taste into the world of zombies, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD holds up even today in this schmuck's opinion. For today's Kill of the Day we're going with the epic scene from the film where the newly zombified Karen stalks her mother and...
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