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Netflix shares images from the Duncan Jones film Mute

Described as a sci-fi CASABLANCA, MUTE is a story MOON / SOURCE CODE / WARCRAFT director Duncan Jones has been longing to tell for well over a decade, and at one point was attempting to turn into a graphic novel at Dark Horse Comics (a sample of the art can be seen above). The comic version was never published, but the film has finally been made. MUTE will be released...
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Top 10 Time Travel Thrillers!

What is it about time travel that makes for such entertaining cinema? Is it the uncertainty? The wonderment? The endless possibilities? The innate desire to move up and down, backwards and forwards through our own personal chronology? The ability to change the past and alter the future? Whatever the fascination, time travel has been a staple of movie plots for almost as long as the medium has...
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Top 10 Outer-Space Horrors!

So, y'all fin to feel the weight of GRAVITY this weekend? Hell, I know I am...and not just because it's the latest film from Mexican maestro Alfonso Caron...but because this shite looks like the kind of grandiose, prestigious genre projects we used to get on the regular a few decades ago. Right? It looks like a serious film, not just a cheap, exploitative thriller for ADD-riddled tweens. The...
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Colin Farrell and Paula Patton might play Duncan Jones' Warcraft

The film adaptation of popular role-playing game World of Warcraft might have found its leads. According to Deadline, Legendary Pictures has offered two major roles to Colin Farrell and Paula Patton. While nothing is set in stone, Patton is reportedly negotiating with the studio, while Farrell has just been offered a part, but it's uncertain whether or not he'll accept. Charles...
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Comic Con: Warcraft announcement and 300: Rise of an Empire panel!

There’s always an unexpected treat or two dished out at Hall H during San Diego Comic-Con, and Warner Bros. had a couple up their sleeve. One, you have probably heard about already: a Superman/Batman film that is planned for 2015. Perhaps overshadowed a bit by that was a teaser for WARCRAFT, Duncan Jones ’ film version of the popular game “World of Warcraft.” It shouldn’t be...
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World of Warcraft movie comes together with Duncan Jones at the helm

After two successful stints in the modestly-budgeted sci-fi world with MOON and SOURCE CODE , director Duncan Jones has just signed on to direct what could be the biggest film adaptation of a video game ever mounted: WORLD OF WARCRAFT . Thomas Tull and Jon Jashni are producing for Legendary Pictures (PACIFIC RIM, GODZILLA) along with video game developer Blizzard...
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