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Jason Lapeyre to helm adaptation of Philip K. Dick's The Crawlers

Over the years we've seen many adaptations of Philip K. Dick's stories, including BLADE RUNNER, IMPOSTER, TOTAL RECALL, and MINORITY REPORT just to name a few. Now a big screen adaptation of Dick's short story THE CRAWLERS is in the works from producers Edward R. Pressman of Pressman Film and the author's daughter, Isa Dick Hackett of Electric Shepherd Productions,...
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James O'Barr gives an update on the Luke Evans-starring The Crow reboot

It was just last week when producer Ed Pressman shared the news that the long buzzed-about reboot of James O'Barr's THE CROW could start production as soon as next spring, and now comics creator O'Barr has shared a few additional details about what we can expect from the Luke Evans-starring film. Speaking with Korsgaard's Commentary, O'Barr shared that...
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The Crow remake targeting a 2015 production start

It seems that we've been hearing about the remake of THE CROW forever, but now it seems that there is an end in sight on the long and twisted road to get the film going with producer Ed Pressman revealing that production could begin as early as Spring of 2015. The Hollywood Reporter is sharing word out of the Abu Dhabi Film Festival that Pressman, who was also behind the 1994...
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James O'Barr discusses The Crow reboot

Feelings have been quite mixed when it comes to Relativity Media's upcoming reboot of comic creator James O'Barr's THE CROW , but one person who thinks things are certainly headed in the right direction is O'Barr himself, who recently chatted with Total Film about the project. You may remember that Luke Evans was announced in May as the man who would be tackling...
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