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Top 10 Tim Burton Characters!

Say friends, what should we make of Tim Burton these days? Do we still consider him a fine filmmaker? A first-rate artist? An unparalleled visionary? Or at this stage in his seemingly safe and family-oriented career, are the man's most fecund creative days long behind him? It's a tough question. On that should, in part, be answered when Burton's new film MISS PEREGRINE'S HOME FOR PECULIAR...
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Dissecting Johnny Depp!

JOHNNY DEPP! Man oh man, Johnny Depp used to be my favorite actor. Seriously, who had a more prolific, widely decorated run of films in the 1990s? Kevin Spacey? Tom Hanks maybe? I mean it. From about 1990 to 2005 - Depp embodied everything we wanted in a constantly watchable film actor. The dude exuded a cool, indie, artsy, offbeat, daring, bold, challenging, totally...
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Top 10 Horror Movie Graveyards!

Happy New Year lads and lasses! Say, how many of you had a chance to WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONES with badass Liam Neeson last fall? Well if you didn't get a chance, I definitely recommend doing so, particularly if you sort of cast it off as the annual, incredibly-rote-geriatric-Liam-action-flick. Trust us, it's far better than that (more akin to THE GREY, quality wise). Anyway, whatever you...
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Top 10 So Bad They're Good Genre Flicks!

Damn, doesn't it seem like the summer blockbuster season starts earlier and earlier with each passing year?!? Here were are, it's only mid-May, yet we're already plunged dick deep in the time of mega-studio-tent-poles. Oh well, you know what that means, right? Yup, this where the so-bad-they're-good candidates of the year typically rear their ugly little heads. Off the dome, that Sandler...
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Dissecting Tim Burton!

DIRECTOR TIM BURTON! Tim Burton has had a pretty checkered career hasn't he. After becoming one of the most popular and sought after filmmakers in the late 80s and early 90s, he's had a pretty hit or miss subsequent 20 years in the director's chair. To be honest, I'd argue that his successful run between 1985 and 1994 is as good a record as any in the...
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