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Kill Or Be Killed (Movie Review)

PLOT: When a grizzled gang of train-robbers make a play for stash of forgotten gold, a rival band of law enforcement isn't the only deadly force majeure ready to get in their way. Who will KILL OR BE KILLED? REVIEW: Genre-bending westerns are often a difficult proposition. When met with various horror, inarguable exemplars come in the form of NEAR DARK, RAVENOUS, or more...
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Michael Berryman and Edwin Neal will Kill or Be Killed on March 1st

The directing duo of Duane Graves and Justin Meeks haven't cut ties to the 1974 classic THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE . TCM co-writer Kim Henkel, who co-produced their 2008 feature debut THE WILD MAN OF NAVIDAD and wrote their second feature, 2012's BUTCHER BOYS , doesn't appear to have had any involvement with their third film, the upcoming horror/Western KILL OR BE KILLED...
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Evil in the Wild West in horror western Red on Yella, Kill a Fella

The Wild West will run red with blood in the upcoming sagebrush slasher RED ON YELLA, KILL A FELLA, the new horror western from writer/directors Duane Graves and Justin Meeks, who previously did the fact-inspired THE WILD MAN OF THE NAVIDAD and the Kim Henkel-scripted BUTCHER BOYS. I love westerns almost as much as I love horror flicks so I'm always down for it when the two...
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Cool Horror Videos: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: A Family Portrait (documentary)

Jimmy O's somewhat favorable review aside, I'm hearing TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D is pile of steaming headcheese. Poetic f*ckin' justice! So, with that in mind, I call attention to the 1988 documentary THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: A FAMILY PORTRAIT , which we have in its entirety below. Now, many horror heads who own a DVD copy of Tobe Hooper's 1974 original, have probably seen this neat...
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