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Trailer: Adam Scott is stepdad to the Antichrist in Eli Craig's Little Evil

Having put a comedic twist on a slasher scenario with his feature directorial debut TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL , Eli Craig is now skewering the "my child is the Antichrist" set-up of films like ROSEMARY'S BABY and especially THE OMEN with his new movie, LITTLE EVIL , which is set to debut on the Netflix streaming service on September 1 st. Starring Adam Scott,...
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Adam Scott and Evangeline Lilly to star in Eli Craig's Little Evil

Although director Eli Craig's 2010 feature debut TUCKER AND DALE VS. EVIL has earned a large cult following in the years since its release, it doesn't look like the sequel that was announced a couple years ago is going to be heading into production anytime soon. While that project appears to be in development hell, Craig is moving forward with a different idea and another sort...
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Tyler Labine talks status of the Tucker & Dale vs. Evil sequel

I can't deny it: I get giddy thinking about the sequel to TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL. The 2010 cult hit has definitely become one of my ' go-to ' flicks when I'm in the mood for a hilariously bloody good time. When we learned that talks of a sequel had begun back in March I was ecstatic! I've been begging for another go-around with Tucker and Dale ever since...
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Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil 2 in the works? Looks like it!

Are we going to see those unlucky but lovable hicks Tucker & Dale fight evil once again? It would appear so! At the HorrorHound convention this past weekend in Cincinnati, Ohio, the stars of the first cult classic Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine both confirmed that the producers of TUCKER & DALE are hoping to move forward with the sequel at some point this year. It was Tudyk who...
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Eli Craig is feeling a Little Evil for Universal

Earlier this morning we shared the news that Amazon's "Zombieland" was cancelled, but the director of that much-maligned project, Eli Craig, isn't slowing down as he already has a new project lined up at Universal. The Hollywood Reporter dropped the news that Universal has picked up LITTLE EVIL, a dark comedy spec from TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL...
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The fate of Amazon's Zombieland series lies in your hands

If you were one of the flock that was excited to hear that Amazon was planning on bringing ZOMBIELAND to the small screen in a pilot that continued the adventures of Tallahassee and crew, you should be excited to learn that Amazon Studios has now added the pilot to its slate of upcoming original series and that the future of the series will now depend on YOU, the viewer. In a press...
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Eli Craig (Tucker and Dale VS. Evil) is in talks to direct the Zombieland TV show

Cable is so passé these days. That's why Amazon is bringing us ZOMBIELAND the TV series, like we told you a couple of days ago . The digital service is now making original content to compete with Netflix, Hulu and other streaming channels, and the horror genre is its way to go. The latest in the ZOMBIELAND tale is (drum-roll, please) that Eli Craig, director of the...
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