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New Cabin Fever remake image features a callback to the original

One of the standout moments in Eli Roth's 2002 debut film CABIN FEVER is a hallucination that passes by very quickly - the image above, a shot of a hospitalized young Dennis being served a stack of pancakes, the maple syrup in a syringe, by someone in a bunny costume. CABIN FEVER has now been remade, with director Travis Zariwny working from the exact same shooting script by Roth...
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The Cabin Fever remake may be getting a February release

The news that Eli Roth's 2002 breakthrough film CABIN FEVER would be getting a remake just barely over ten years after its release, and very soon after the sequel CABIN FEVER: PATIENT ZERO had been released, was quite surprising - especially since the director Travis Zariwny was choosing to work from the same shooting script, written by Roth and Randy Pearlstein, as the...
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Where in the Horror are they Now? Jordan Ladd!

JORDAN LADD THEN: Do you ever sit back and catch classic 70’s and 80’s television? If so, you may remember the goofy series Charlie’s Angels. The parade of hottie show revolved around “three little girls who went to the police academy” who end up working as private investigators for a fellow named Charlie. If there is anything to gain...
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The Knock Knock Blu-Ray arrives on your doorstep this December

After four friends party it up on a Cambodian holiday, only three of them return. Soon it becomes clear that not everybody is telling the truth as to what happened on their final drunken night of debauchery.
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Trailer shows what Eli Roth and Jason Blum have built South of Hell

A couple weeks ago, WE tv announced that they were taking an unusual approach to the premiere of the supernatural thriller series South of Hell , which is executive produced by Jason Blum ( INSIDIOUS , SINISTER ). Instead of airing a new episode weekly, WE tv is essentially doing this Netflix style, airing all seven episodes of the show back-to-back. The South of Hell binge...
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Game Changer: The Legacy of Saw (Movie Review)

PLOT: A look inside the success of the SAW franchise. The film features several interviews with the filmmakers behind all seven films, with a heavy emphasis on the original.  REVIEW: In 2004, a little horror movie from a fresh young director helped usher in a brand new type of horror. James Wan and Leigh Whannell created a low budget story of retribution, that quickly...
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WE tv to marathon Eli Roth/Jason Blum series South of Hell on Black Friday

Following Netflix into the era of binge watching, WE tv has announced that they will be premiering the Jason Blum-produced supernatural thriller series South of Hell with a marathon, showing all seven episodes of the series in a row. This marathon, what WE tv is calling a "binge event", will occur on Black Friday, November 27th. The first episode will begin at 6pm...
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Hear the story of Hostel and Saw's rivalry from Saw doc Game Changer

GAME CHANGER: THE LEGACY OF SAW , now available on the iTunes releases of SAW: UNRATED and SAW: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION (good luck with that one), is a 77-minute documentary about the behind-the-scenes workings of modern horror cinema's most notorious franchise.  First, it's awesome that iTunes is getting in on the special features business, which has been supremely...
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Knock Knock (Movie Review)

This review was originally published as part of our Sundance Film Festival coverage PLOT: A family man (Keanu Reeves) left alone for the weekend makes a deadly mistake when he allows two sexy young women (Lorenzza Izzo & Ana De Armas) to take refuge in his isolated L.A home during a storm. REVIEW: I've rarely been as embarrassed for an actor as I've been for...
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You can dig up Fear: Buried Alive on A&E for Halloween

Have you heard of A&E's upcoming live special  Fear: Buried Alive ? If you're claustrophobic, you might not want to. They're kicking off Halloween with a lethal little show about the nature of fear that's half Fear Factor, half Houdini, all terrifying. In the special: Three people are buried alive in an effort to conquer their darkest fears. In this...
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NSFW Knock Knock clip features a nervous Keanu and naughty babes

Eli Roth's KNOCK KNOCK will be opening in a week's time, and to get you lathered up for the psychological thriller, we've got a somewhat racy clip from the film to share with you. Said clip (which has French subtitles) takes a look at a nervous Keanu Reeves who, while snapchatting with his wife, is more than a little distracted by the two nubile babes gesticulating in his...
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The Green Inferno (Movie Review)

PLOT: When a motley band of college activists travels to the Peruvian Amazon in order to help save a native tribe's plot of land, a near fatal plane crash plunges them all deep into a cannibalistic heart of darkness! REVIEW: At long last, after a 6 year respite away from the director's chair, the ghastly mascot, the talisman of terror, the unabashed champion of all...
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