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I Don't Feel at Home in this World Anymore gets a retro Netflix poster

I keep checking Netflix to see if hopefully they made some kind of mistake and accidentally released I DON'T FEEL AT HOME IN THIS WORLD ANYMORE onto their streaming service early. I mean the film is a Netflix exclusive and is set for release on Feb 24th - which is tomorrow - so the chances of that happening are reasonable, right?  Yeah, I know. I get really into flicks I...
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Psycho shower scene documentary 78/52 lands distribution

Alfred Hitchcock's PSYCHO is one of the greatest horror movies ever made, with the shower murder of Janet Leigh's character Marion Crane being one of the most talked about scenes in cinema history. Even though this scene only lasts 45 seconds in the finished film, shooting it took up an entire week of PSYCHO's four week production schedule. It was brought to the screen...
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Jane Levy & Elijah Wood star in I Don't Feel at Home in This World Trailer

I DON'T FEEL AT HOME IN THIS WORLD ANYMORE, which just screened at the Sundance Film Festival (you can read Chris Bumbray's review right HERE ), will be released exclusively to NetFlix February 24th . This seems to be continuing the streaming services proclivity for acquiring loooong titled genre flicks, remember I AM THE PRETTY THING THAT LIVES IN THE HOUSE ? Jeremy...
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NSFW trailer for The Greasy Strangler features excessive greasiness

In 8mm, Joaquin Phoenix warned that "There's things you'll see that you can't unsee. They get in your head and they stay there." It's a warning that it seems would be quite fitting to be placed at the head of director Jim Hosking's film THE GREASY STRANGLER . Word of mouth after the movie's Sundance premiere indicated that it was exceptionally gross,...
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FilmRise to distribute The Greasy Strangler in North America

Word of mouth following the Sundance world premiere of director Jim Hosking's THE GREASY STRANGLER , which was co-produced by Elijah Wood through his company SpectreVision, is that the film is quite disgusting. This fall, FilmRise will be giving viewers across North America the chance to find out just how gross this movie is, as the company has acquired the distribution rights and...
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Exclusive: Celebrities share their first horror movie experiences

Throughout the year, we have been asking celebrities about their first experiences with the horror genre and which scary movies have had the greatest impact on them. We've been able to assemble some great answers from a whole lot of familiar faces, and as part of our Halloween celebration we have compiled the answers together to share with you in the video below. Classics are...
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The hotel that inspired The Shining to open a horror museum

The Stanley Hotel has become something of a Mecca for horror fans. The hotel that inspired Stephen King to write  THE SHINING (also where Mick Garris shot the 1997 mini-series adapation ) became the host of the popular Stanley Film Festival in 2013. The genre has formed the lifeblood of the hotel, and there are now plans to build anew facility to house a horror-themed...
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Vin Diesel gets in fights and trouble in The Last Witch Hunter clips

THE LAST WITCH HUNTER will be stalking theatre screens starting October 23rd , and to whet our appetites for the action and horror that the film has in store for us, Lions Gate has released a couple of clips that give us a look at Vin Diesel's titular character in action while accompanied by Rose Leslie and Elijah Wood. In the first clip, we see Diesel engage in...
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You can catch Cooties on DVD and Blu-Ray in time for Christmas

The kiddie zombie flick COOTIES has finally spread to VOD, and if you're anywhere near as juvenile as I am, it's bound to delight the crap out of you. Just wash your hands afterward. If you want to proudly display COOTIES on your shelf, the time is swift approaching. The flick will hit Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital HD on December 1, 2015 . This release...
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New trailer and more posters emerge for The Last Witch Hunter

When the previous trailer for THE LAST WITCH HUNTER hit last month , it was noted by AITH managing editor Eric Walkuski that it appeared the movie would have some CG overload. A new trailer has now been released, and it seems like this one's main purpose is to say, "If you thought that last trailer had a lot of CGI, you ain't seen nothin' yet." Although...
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Have a totally normal conversation with Leigh Whannell in this Cooties clip

Although our very own Chris Bumbray wasn't a huge fan of COOTIES , each new clip makes the film seem a little more fun. This uncomfortably silly new scene, straight from Collider, depicts screenwriter Leigh Whannell (as social studies teacher Doug Davis) attempting to interact with his coworkers Elijah Wood and Alison Pill like a human being. Check out the...
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Posters and promo images introduce the Cooties faculty

The horror/comedy COOTIES is a movie I was sold on as soon as I heard the insanity of its plot synopsis: When a cafeteria food virus turns elementary school children into killer zombies, a group of misfit teachers must band together to escape the playground carnage. The cast that directors Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion assembled to portray said misifit teachers...
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