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Original Vs. Remake: House of Wax

Even though I was against it, calling a tie with our last Original Vs. Remake now actually seems like the right call. Judging by everyone's comments, both versions of Piranha offered much to love. The classic suspense was a big plus for Joe Dante's take, while Kelly Brook was a heavy seller for Alexandre Aja's re-telling. Good show! Today as the summer season continuously heats up,...
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The international trailer for Wax is here to haunt you

WAX is Victor Matellano's first feature film. Geraldine Chaplin, Jimmy Shaw and American veteran of Spanish genre cinema Jack Taylor ( THE NINTH GATE ) all star in this old style horror film set in a wax museum and which mixes found footage with conventional cinematography. You can watch the teaser trailer below. The story was penned by Hugo Stuven Casasnovas and Matellano ....
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