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Jon Knautz is turning his short The Cleaning Lady into Something Fierce

Last year, JACK BROOKS: MONSTER SLAYER director Jon Knautz released a 10 minute short called THE CLEANING LADY, which he co-wrote with his GODDESS OF LOVE co-writer and star Alexis Kendra. Kendra also starred in THE CLEANING LADY, but while GODDESS OF LOVE was an erotic thriller in which she spent a large portion of her screen time nude or nearly nude, the CLEANING short...
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Goddess of Love, starring Alexis Kendra, acquired by Terror Films

HATCHET II / BIG ASS SPIDER! star Alexis Kendra has teamed up with JACK BROOKS: MONSTER SLAYER director Jon Knautz to craft an erotic psycho sexual thriller called GODDESS OF LOVE , a film which we shared the NSFW trailer for back in February of 2015. If that trailer got you intrigued to see the movie, you're going to love this update. Terror Films has acquired the...
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NSFW trailer for Jon Knautz's Goddess of Love, starring Alexis Kendra

JACK BROOKS: MONSTER SLAYER and THE SHRINE director Jon Knautz returns to the genre with his eyes set on a new realm of horror in the erotic psycho sexual thriller GODDESS OF LOVE . The film is about to be presented to buyers at the European Film Market by international sales company Automatic Entertainment, and we now have its first trailer. It's about as NSFW as a trailer can...
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Delivery: The Beast Within gives birth to terror this May in theaters & VOD

Back in June of last year we shared the teaser for Brian Netto's DELIVERY with you and since that time the film has gone on to have a successful festival run and was picked up for distribution by The Collective. Now the film has been retitled DELIVERY: THE BEAST WITHIN and we've learned that it is finally headed our way with a limited theatrical run in NYC, Los Angeles, San...
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Teaser trailer for Delivery gives birth to horror

Earlier this month we gave you a look at a new one-sheet for Brian Netto's DELIVERY, which is set to play at the Los Angeles Film Festival next week on June 16 and June 21, and today we have a creeptastic teaser trailer for the film and while these mockumentary/found-footage films are a dime a dozen nowadays, I gotta say that with this first look at DELIVERY, I'm sold on...
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Brian Netto's Delivery gets a new one-sheet

DELIVERY is an indie film from Brian Netto set to play at the Los Angeles Film Festival on June 16 and June 21, and to celebrate the wonderful event we've got this great one-sheet to show you guys. I haven't heard much about this flick but apparently it's said to be like an indie ROSEMARY'S BABY which is definitely not a bad thing! DELIVERY is shot in the popular...
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