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First look at the demonic Baal from Ash vs. Evil Dead season 2

Ash vs. Evil Dead is about to face one of its biggest demons yet. Baal, played by Joel Tobeck (Sons of Anarchy) will wreak havoc in the second season of the popular horror-comedy series: "When Baal is released from the underworld, our team will face an enemy more powerful then then any that have come before. One with bigger plans than just destroying Ash (Bruce Campbell) as...
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Starz will be possessed by Ash vs. Evil Dead season 2 in early October

If you were intrigued by Bruce Campbell's comment that the second season of  Ash vs. Evil Dead would feature the "worst onscreen death in the history of all visual arts," you don't have long to wait to find out what he's referring to. The show is returning to Starz on October 2nd, just in time to squeeze out a few episodes before Halloween! Check out...
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Ash vs. Evil Dead season 2 will feature the worst death in history

Ash vs. Evil Dead has already pushed the envelope for onscreen gore in its first season, but the second season will follow the sequel rule of being bigger and better! According to Bruce Campbell, the series will completely outdo itself. ...And everything that's ever come before: There’s an episode that’s basically around the Delta. t’s a pretty...
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Ash vs. Evil Dead season 2 will feature a familiar face

Ash vs. Evil Dead season 2 will be spending a lot of time mucking about in the past. Our titular hero Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) will be returning to his hometown of Elk Grove, and for the first time we'll meet his father (Lee Majors) and childhood best friend (Ted Raimi). But that's not all! We'll be seeing the return of Ash's long-lost sister, Cheryl!...
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AITH Evil Dead Fest 2013: Video of the event!

After spending the past few weeks returning to my favorite horror franchise, THE EVIL DEAD, it is finally time to say goodbye. The Evil Dead Fest has come to an end, and what an end it was. With an amazing audience and such a great line-up of guests, the evening was an incredible success. Thanks again to Jason Coleman and Regency Theaters as well as our fantastic panels including Greg...
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Exclusive! Evil Dead Fest interviews! Greg Nicotero, Ted Raimi, Scott Spiegel & Ladies of the Evil Dead

Last week Arrow in the Head proudly teamed up with Regency Theatres Westwood Village for one Groovy event – check out what we had to say about it here ! The Evil Dead Fest was a massive success with hundreds of fans gathering together to witness all four EVIL DEAD films – including the number one film in the country EVIL DEAD (2013) . It was a incredible event to be involved...
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How it went down! The Arrow in the Head & Regency Theatres Evil Dead Fest!

Sam Raimi changed the face of horror thanks to his brilliant mix of scares, gore and comedy in the original EVIL DEAD trilogy – THE EVIL DEAD , EVIL DEAD 2: DEAD BY DAWN and ARMY OF DARKNESS . These three films represent the very best in the genre and have inspired many a filmmaker looking to terrify and entertain an eager audience. And with the release of Fede Alvarez...
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