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Frankenstein Created Bikers revs up with a new poster

The exploitation extravaganza FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS is looking to be a bombastic bit of bloody mayhem. Throwback films don't always work, but these lovers of grindhouse cinema certainly seem to know what they're doing. The new poster for the film is a pitch-perfect design, crowded with sexy, silly, dangerous imagery. Check it out below! FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS...
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Frankenstein Created Bikers to premiere in Atlanta on April 2

A Cinema Wasteland screening of writer/director James Anthony Bickert's 2011 exploitation/horror biker film DEAR GOD NO! was one of the loudest, rowdiest screenings I have ever been in attendance for. The reaction viewers had to the gory violence perpetrated by the biker gang called The Impalers showed very clearly that there was an enthusiastic audience for what Bickert had...
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Plunge into the horror of Harvest Lake with Tristan Risk and Ellie Church

Writer/director Scott Schirmer shocked audiences with his 2012 feature debut FOUND. For viewers who have been anxiously waiting to find out how he would follow up the deeply disturbing horrors of that film, the answer has arrived, and it's a movie called HARVEST LAKE . Synopsis:  Five friends stumble under the spell of a libidinous, otherworldly presence in the...
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The Legend of Wasco brings killer clowns to Redbox December 15th

Last year, the internet was captivated by stories and images of clowns lurking around Wasco, California. The clown sightings get a lot more sinister in  THE LEGEND OF WASCO , a killer clown movie from directors Shane Beasley and Leya Taylor that will be hitting Redbox and digital platforms on December 15th. Written by Nathan Erdel, WASCO shows what happens when  a...
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Found director Scott Schirmer wants to introduce you to The Bad Man

One of the most disturbing movies I've seen in recent memory, maybe one of the most disturbing movies I've ever seen, if I'm being completely honest, is writer/director Scott Schirmer's 2012 movie FOUND, which was based on a novel by Todd Rigney. I think watching that movie, about a young boy who finds a severed head in his brother's bedroom, might have permanently...
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Debbie Rochon has some Time To Kill

Horrorphiles know the name Debbie Rochon. She's been a mainstay in our beloved genre for more than two decades, appearing in over 200 feature films and shorts and solidifying herself as one of the hardest working actresses in the game. Not only is she immensely talented, but she's sexy as hell to boot. So anytime we hear of a new project featuring the gorgeous Debbie Rochon we're always...
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