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Where in the Horror are they Now? Jennifer Tilly!

JENNIFER TILLY THEN : Recently I happened upon a couple of Facebook posts about the lovely Jennifer Tilly. There was mention of her being incredible sexy yet her voice was slightly annoying. This is not an opinion I share. In fact, it is just plain wrong. Tilly’s whole presence and being is absolutely stunning, especially the way she speaks. The actress is one of...
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Erotic and bloody clip from Embrace of the Vampire has everything we want from a remake

Ok, guys...just admit it: the only reason you were ever familiar with the original 1995 cult classic EMBRACE OF THE VAMPIRE was for the hot Alyssa Milano nudity, right? I mean, the whole vampire story came second to seeing a little nakedness from the former "Who's the Boss" starlet. I'm not alone in thinking this, am I? That was the whole reason I ever picked up the...
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Gruesome new stills from Embrace of the Vampire

Yesterday we got a special look at three sexy new images from Carl Bessai's remake of EMBRACE OF THE VAMPIRE , and now we've got the next best thing—a couple of badass shots from the flick, one of which is incredibly violent! Hopefully there's a lot more where this came from because this is the kind of shit we need more of in the vampire genre—you wouldn't...
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Exclusive: Three sexy pics from Embrace of the Vampire

While we all complain about horror remakes regularly, I think we can all get on board with a re-do of EMBRACE OF THE VAMPIRE . After all, any movie that gives us more lesbian vampire scenes is a movie worth checking out - that's our motto, anyway. To get you all lathered up for the film, coming out at the end of the week, we're sharing three exclusive images featuring the star, Sharon...
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DVD/Blu-Ray art reveal for Embrace of the Vampire, original and remake

Earlier this week we shared the news that Anchor Bay had dated the remake of the 1995 Alyssa Milano-starring erotic vamp tale EMBRACE OF THE VAMPIRE to hit the shelves on October 15, along with the news that the original film would also be getting the Blu-Ray treatment for the very first time on the same day. Now we have a look at the art for both releases, which you can check out...
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Anchor Bay dates Embrace of the Vampire remake; Alyssa Milano-starring original headed to Blu-Ray

It's been a long time since we've heard any word on the Sharon Hinnendael-starring remake of the ground-breaking 1995 Alyssa Milano-starring erotic vamp tale EMBRACE OF THE VAMPIRE, with our last word on the flick coming more than a year ago . Now comes word that Anchor Bay will be releasing both the remake and the infamous original film on Blu-Ray this October. Anchor Bay...
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Top 10 Hottest Vampire Chicks!

Bite me! Such a sardonic retort actually becomes a legit request when regarding one of the oldest film characters...the vampire seductress. If you don't know, the great Neil Jordan (INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE) returns to such a world of erotic vampirism with BYZANTIUM, out today, starring the lovely Saoirse Ronan and Gemma Arterton. As such, we've cast a mighty wide net to try and filter 10...
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