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Filming begins on Nosferatu remake starring Doug Jones

Last summer , it was announced that Robert Eggers ( THE WITCH ) would be writing and directing a remake of F.W. Muranu's 1922 silent classic NOSFERATU , which was previously remade by Werner Herzog in 1979. NOSFERATU will not be Eggers' next film, however, and while we wait to see if/when he will get around to making it production has already begun on a separate NOSFERATU...
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The Police guitarist Andy Summers joins Bhutan-set horror flick The Temple

Musicians have been known to star in horror films, at least since the pop culture obsessed 80's. The dearly departed David Bowie made a glam appearance in THE HUNGER, Gene Simmons starred in the 1986 slasher TRICK OR TREAT, and Satan only knows how many rappers have popped up in B-horror flicks. And hell, Lady Gaga just led an entire season of American Horror Story. But this casting...
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Teaser art for Altered Perception is an eyeful

Towards the tail end of October we learned of a new flick from Blanc-Biehn Productions titled ALTERED PERCEPTION , and today we've been lucky enough to snag some cool teaser art for the flick. If you've been keeping track, Blanc-Biehn Productions have been steadily dishing out film after film with THE NIGHT VISITOR, THE GIRL and the HIDDEN IN THE WOODS remake, all of which...
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