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Cool Horror Videos: Trailer for sci-fi short Entity

Here's the trailer for the ambitious sci-fi short ENTITY , directed by Andrew Desmond and Jean-Philippe Ferré. Not sure how much this thing cost to make, but it looks like GRAVITY meets 2001 and boasts some really impressive visuals. Here's the synopsis: Minutes after a technical failure of her spacecraft, an astronaut finds herself ejected from her cockpit and into space. She...
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Exclusive Clip: Enter a scary silo in Entity

"Fangoria Presents" will release Steve Stone's creepy thriller ENTITY in June, and to help get you prepared, we've got an exclusive clip from the film to share. Are you ready to enter "the silo?" Then follow the crew of "The Darkest Secrets"... if you dare! Also, dig that awesome cover to the right! If you need to familiarize yourself with the tale, check out the synopsis:...
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Fangoria Presents has a line-up to die for

Back in March our brothers-in-gore over at Fangoria launched Fangoria Presents, an ambitious VOD/DVD platform featuring new and classic horror films, and today we have some news on what to expect from their latest venture which is slashing its way into the homes of all Comcast subscribers. This month’s Fangoria VOD movie collection (titled “Spectral Splatter and Hillbilly...
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Darclight Films and Fangoria discover a terrifying Entity

Darclight Films has snatched up the international rights for ENTITY and secured a US deal with Brainstorm Media and Fangoria. The new horror thriller stars Charlotte Riley, Dervia Kirwan, Rupert Hill, Oliver Jackson, Michael David Worden and Branko Tomovic. ENTITY is a horror thriller that slides back and forth through time in order to connect the dots to a terrifying...
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Get spooked by the Slenderman in this Entity trailer

It's the Friday before Christmas break and news is slow. On the bright side, it affords us time to highlight little indie gems like ENTITY. Not to be confused with the Barbara Hershey poltergeist rape movie, ENTITY is a film centering on the internet generated monster known as The Slenderman. The wild popularity of the public domain character has made it prime fodder for a...
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