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Where in the Horror are they Now? It's time to say goodbye!

It's time to say goodbye!   In October of 2012, we at AITH began a wonderful journey down nostalgia lane. Where in the Horror are they Now began with one of my favorite genre actors, Thom Mathews, who was our first, and since then, we’ve looked at some of the most exciting names in horror. We examined their early years, what they are up to now, and...
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Cool Horror Videos: Season's greetings from SNDN2's Eric Freeman

SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT 2 star Eric Freeman spent a couple decades out of the spotlight, his whereabouts unknown while the cult following for his performance as the murderous Ricky Caldwell in the stock footage filled sequel grew and grew. He was featured in a Where in the Horror Are They Now? article and a website called Finding Freeman was even created to spearhead the search...
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Eric Freeman has plans for a Silent Night Deadly Night 2 sequel

SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT PART 2 , the 1987 sequel to the psycho Santa slasher SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT is a card-carrying cult classic. Although about half of the film is merely recut footage from the original film, the rest of the flick is pure campy gold, including the instant classic "garbage day" scene, which became a popular YouTube meme in the mid-2000's. This...
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Cool Horror Videos: Footage from the Silent Night Deadly Night 2 screening, featuring Eric Freeman!

"Garbage Day!" Oh, man...who didn't love the insanity of SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT 2? It remains one of my favorite 'bad movies' and has spawned quite the cult following, thanks in no small part to the performance of one Mr. Eric Freeman who played killer Santa Ricky Caldwell in the 1987 sequel. His quote "Garbage Day!" has become an internet meme...
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Where in the Horror are they now? Eric "Garbage Day" Freeman!

ERIC FREEMAN “GARBAGE DAY!” THEN : If you are familiar with this internet meme you know exactly who the muse is for this very special Holiday inspired “Where in the Horror Are They Now?” Of course I am speaking of the man with the eyebrows and the thespian who took over-acting to a whole new level. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring...
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Cool Horror Videos: Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2 on NES

After watching SILENT NIGHT, I've have begun plotting a Christmas marathon of the entire SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT franchise. Though the remake and the original are just about on equal terms for me, it is SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT PART 2 that has captured my heart for one reason: "GARBAGE DAY!" If you have not yet experienced the YouTube sensation that is "GARBAGE DAY", we're about to...
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