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Eric Red's The Wolves of El Diablo (Book Review)

ORDER THE WOLVES OF EL DIABLO HERE PLOT: Not long for a world of peaceful respite, our trio of heat-packing pistoleros - aka The Guns of Santa Sangre - are drug back into a hellish world of werewolf incursion. This time however, they must fight in, aboard and atop a 200-ton steam locomotive full of pure silver. The Wolves of El Diablo await! REVIEW: Four years after...
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Eric Red's The Men Who Walk Like Wolves novels up for pre-order

Eric Red has a lot of great film credits to his name ( THE HITCHER , NEAR DARK , BLUE STEEL , BODY PARTS , BAD MOON , 100 FEET , the list goes on), and he is also an author, having written about such nightmarish topics as a serial killer truck driver (in WHITE KNUCKLE ) and an aquatic alien terrorizing a submarine ( IT WAITS BELOW ). Red is also responsible for the extremely cool...
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Details revealed for the Kevin Smith edited issue of Fangoria

It was announced a few months ago that Fangoria #348 would mark the second time in the magazine's history that an issue would be edited and curated by a guest editor - the first time having been Hannibal's Bryan Fuller on issue #343. #348's guest editor is RED STATE / TUSK / YOGA HOSERS director Kevin Smith, and it was supposed to be on store shelves by the end of...
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Check out John Fallon's collection of BTS photos from Eric Red's 100 Feet!

As some of you may know, on Thursday, October 27th  the Alamo Drafthouse in Denver is hosting a screening of Eric Red's 2008 ghost story  100 FEET , starring Famke Janssen, Ed Westwick, Bobby Cannavale, and our very own John Fallon AKA The Arrow. But I bet you didn't know that John Fallon has a  massive  collection of behind-the-scenes photos from...
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Alama Drafthouse to hold 35mm theatrical screening of Eric Red's 100 Feet

Over the course of his career as a screenwriter and director, Eric Red has told us stories about vampires ( NEAR DARK ), werewolves ( BAD MOON ), body horror ( BODY PARTS ), and madmen ( THE HITCHER , BLUE STEEL ). When he decided to try his hand at telling a ghost story, he came up with one that has a genius concept, a haunted house movie in which the heroine can't leave the...
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Face-Off: The Hitcher vs. Near Dark

Yesterday, Scream Factory released a special edition Blu-ray of Eric Red's werewolf movie BAD MOON, celebrating the film's twentieth anniversary. Among the bonus features on that release is an audio commentary with Red and star Michael Paré that was moderated by Arrow in the Head founder John Fallon. If you'd like to pick up a copy, the BAD MOON Blu is available for purchase on Amazon ....
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LA: Meet Eric Red, Michael Pare, The Arrow at the Bad Moon signing Tuesday

Eric Red's BAD MOON is rising once again on Scream Factory Blu-Ray this Tuesday, July 19th . To celebrate, a signing will be held at the Dark Delicacies Bookstore in Los Angeles. In attendance will be director Eric Red, star Michael Paré, composer Daniel Licht, and our very own Arrow, John Fallon (check out the AITH commentary on the disc!). Want to meet a...
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Eric Red's Bad Moon is rising via decked out Scream Factory Blu-Ray

BAD MOON is rising via Scream Factory Blu-Ray on  July 19th  and they've finally announced their special features. The Eric Red werewolf picture came in a dark time for the horror film, the pre-SCREAM mid-90's, so its loving resurrection is a great benefit to fans looking for something to care about from that period. Here's the deets:...
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Cool cover art for Eric Red's werewolf/western novel The Wolves of El Diablo

The wild west is about to get a whole lot wilder. Fans of THE HITCHER screenwriter/ BAD MOON director/all-around cool dude Eric Red may be familiar with his 2013 werewolf Western novel THE GUNS OF SANTA SANGRE (GET IT HERE - WORTH EVERY PENNY)! Well that deranged masterpiece is getting a sequel this fall:  THE WOLVES OF EL DIABLO . As if that wasn't already...
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Eric Red's Bad Moon is coming to Blu-ray from Scream Factory

Writer/director Eric Red's werewolf film BAD MOON has never gotten a proper special edition release, a fact which Arrow in the Head founder John "The Arrow" Fallon thought was such a shame that he even recorded a downloadable audio commentary with Red and the film's star Michael Paré a few years back. As the twentieth anniversary of BAD MOON's November 1, 1996 release swiftly...
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Win a free audiobook copy of Eric Red's The Guns of Santa Sangre!

Hey all, I hope that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving day! I am sure that you are all still disgesting as I type this. Being that you're in a sedative state, what better time than to launch a contest! In keeping with the spirit of Thanksgiving, writer/director/author  ERIC RED and AITH are giving away 5 free copies of his book THE GUNS OF SANTA SANGRE in...
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Exclusive: Never-before-seen storyboards from Eric Red's Bad Moon!

Hungry for a sweet piece of candy to nibble on?! In advance of Halloween we have a pretty neat exclusive to share that comes directly from our friend Eric Red (THE HITCHER, NEAR DARK, BODY PARTS). The writer-director was kind enough to gift us with some never-before-seen storyboards from his werewolf cult classic BAD MOON , which came out almost 19 years ago this weekend! (It was...
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