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Kurt Russell wanted to create a movie-universe based on 80's action movies!

Kurt Russell has the coolest idea for a movie ever. A mash-up of 80's action stars, but not like Stallone's  THE EXPENDABLES , where it was a collection of 80's action stars. No, he had a pitch back in the day for a Marvel-style mash-up of classic 80's action characters! Trust me it is as cool as it sounds. Possibly cooler. While he doesn't call them...
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Welcome to the AITH: WEEKLY WRAP-UP of the week April 3-7th, 2017.   This week we recommended MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN and ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK on Netflix, learned there will be a and final installment in the VOLUMES OF BLOOD series, and much, much more! If you missed something this week, or just feel like going back through and seeing which bits and pieces of news hit home...
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AITH Recommends: Escape from New York hits Netflix

Netflix has a bad habit of dropping awesome genre movies onto its streaming service, but not promoting the releases on the home page or anywhere of note. Instead, we get endless posters featuring stand-up comics shrugging while holding microphones. Anyway, I do these recommends to let you know when cool new genre shite hits. Someone has to. It is with this in mind I wanted to let you...
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AITH: Top Ten News Articles (March 20-24th 2017)

Welcome to the  AITH: WEEKLY WRAP-UP  of the week  March 20-24th, 2017.  This week we we given proof JURASSIC WORLD 2 would feature animatronic dinos, learned Nicolas Winding Refn's MANIAC COP remake began production, and much, much more! If you missed something this week, or just feel like going back through and seeing which bits and pieces of news...
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John Carpenter confirms Robert Rodriguez will direct Escape from New York

It was only last night that we brought you word that SIN CITY / GRINDHOUSE director Robert Rodriguez MAY be directing FOX'S remake of the John Carpenter classic ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK. This morning we bring you word that this is in fact been confirmed by none other than John Carpenter himself. Carpenter took to Twitter last night and let everyone know that, yes, Rodriguez...
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BREAKING: Robert Rodriguez may direct Escape from New York remake

Let's get this out of the way right off the bat, Robert Rodriguez is not confirmed to be the new director of the upcoming ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK remake. All of this is just "talk" for the moment. That said, Rodriguez is said to be Fox's top choice to take over the remake after directing ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL for the studio earlier this year. Rodriguez is...
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Escape from New York remake details and Snake's real name revealed

A remake of John Carpenter's sci-fi action classic ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK has been in the works for a long time, bouncing around from studio to studio for the last decade. Scripts have been written, directors have been attached or close to signing on - directors like Len Wiseman, Brett Ratner, Jonathan Mostow, and Breck Eisner - and at one point Gerard Butler was even set to play...
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It's the Booze Talkin', Has Hollywood forgotten about the horror greats?

When you think of your favorite horror movies, how often do guys like Carpenter, Hooper, Craven or Romero come up?  They are the names behind some of the most iconic horror films ever made. Recently - courtesy of the home video heroes Shout! Factory - I revisited John Carpenter’s THE THING and it was better than I remembered - and that's saying something...
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Luc Besson found guilty for plagiarizing Carpenter's Escape from New York

A very unique court case was decided today. An appeals court ruled that Luc Besson has been found guilty of plagiarizing John Carpenter's  ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK for his 2012 effort LOCKOUT . He has been ordered to pay Carpenter and his co-writer Nick Castle more than half a million dollars, as the script was found to have "massively borrowed" an incriminating...
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Jack Burton to meet Snake Plissken in the pages of crossover comic

With their 1981 and 1986 action/adventure collaborations ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK and BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA, director John Carpenter and star Kurt Russell brought two amazing, iconic heroes to the big screen - war hero turned anti-authority criminal badass Snake Plissken and bumbling braggart Jack Burton, who's more of a hero in his own mind than anything, but he can throw a...
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Cool Horror Videos: John Carpenter performs the EFNY theme live in studio

Master of horror and master of synth music John Carpenter will be following up his two recently released albums of new compositions, Lost Themes and Lost Themes II, with two 12-inch records containing re-recorded themes from some of his most popular movies. One of the albums will contain the themes from ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 and THE FOG , while the other features the themes...
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John Carpenter on the EFNY reboot, his fave Halloween shot, & Lost Themes II

The Hollywood Reporter was given the rare opportunity to speak with John Carpenter in this Halloweeniest of months, and they got some very valuable insights into the man's mind and the future of his art. But first, the most important question: What's the director's favorite shot from his classic  HALLOWEEN , the simple and elegant film which more or less...
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