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The F*ckin Black Sheep: Jennifer's Body (2009)

THE BLACK SHEEP is an ongoing column featuring different takes on films that either the writer HATED, but that the majority of film fans LOVED, or that the writer LOVED, but that most others LOATH. We’re hoping this column will promote constructive and geek fueled discussion. Dig in! Jennifer's Body (2009) Directed by: Karyn Kusama One horror...
5 days ago
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Cool Horror Videos: Icons collide at Leatherface's Pool Party

Want to spend a really fun 4 minutes watching a ton of horror icons (in action figure form) hanging out and partying together? That's exactly what the music video " Leatherface's Pool Party " is here to deliver for you. Leatherface is hosting a pool party at his Travis County home.He has invited some of the greatest horror icons of our time to join him for a...
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An extended cut of Evil Dead 2013 may be coming to Blu-ray

When the EVIL DEAD remake came out in 2013, director Fede Alvarez said his preferred cut of the film is the one that made it to theatres and is currently available on home video. While that is the director's cut, fans have long been aware that there is also an extended cut out there - in fact, it has been airing on television in the UK from time to time over the last year and...
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Cool Horror Gear: Ama Lea gives horror icons the beefcake calendar treatment

The latest project from photographer Ama Lea is such an odd and unexpected horror-related item, I had to share word of its existence with Arrow in the Head readers. I can't say I've ever wondered what beefcake shots of some of horror's biggest icons would look like, but now there's no need to wonder. Lea has shot just that sort of imagery for the Year of Fear 2017...
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Face-Off: Drag Me to Hell vs. Evil Dead 2013

Discovered through his impressive work in short films, director Fede Alvarez was chosen by Sam Raimi to make his feature debut with the long-planned remake of Raimi's breakthrough film THE EVIL DEAD. Alvarez's EVIL DEAD reached theatres in 2013, and this weekend another Alvarez/Raimi collaboration, DON'T BREATHE, is set to be released, so it seemed the right time to have an EVIL DEAD...
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Don't Breathe (Movie Review)

PLOT: A trio of young Detroit thugs attempt to pilfer $300,00 in cash from a blind, shut-in war vet. But when they break into his house, a simple plan backfires with unintended lethality. REVIEW: After acquitting himself as more than a promising short-form filmmaker with the thankless task of aptly re-envisioning Sam Raimi's cult-classic EVIL DEAD, Uruguayan writer/director...
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Ash vs. Evil Dead is coming to DVD/Blu in August

More than twenty years after the release of ARMY OF DARKNESS , Bruce Campbell has made his triumphant return as chainsaw-handed hero Ash Williams in the Starz television series Ash vs. Evil Dead , a hilariously entertaining follow-up to the EVIL DEAD films . Ash has spent the last 30 years avoiding responsibility, maturity and the terrors of the Evil Dead until a Deadite...
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It's the booze talkin', We may have another solid year of horror in 2016!

Every so often I feel like we’ve been blessed as a horror fan. Yet it is increasingly more and more difficult when so much of what we see on the big screen is utter garbage. I’ve written many times about how independent scares and genre television are oftentimes superior to major studio fare. Yet every so often we have a decent year of chills. The last time we had a...
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Necessary Evil: Hellboy Vs Ash

Hello there, my horror hounds! Got some interesting, non-hateful feedback with our last Necessary Evil , which wanted a well-done, respectful sequel to the original Let the Right One In. Today's idea was inspired by Batman Vs. Superman finally releasing in theaters! Despite many of the critics opinions, I had an absolute blast with it... and then I thought about applying...
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Ash vs. Evil Dead season finale featured a nod to another horror icon

Sam Raimi did his horror movie homework while preparing to make his feature directorial debut with THE EVIL DEAD , and one of the movies he watched while preparing to make his own was Wes Craven's 1977 classic THE HILLS HAVE EYES . While watching HILLS, Raimi noticed that a JAWS poster was torn during a horrific event, and took that as Craven saying his film was much more...
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13 Horror Gift Ideas: Toys and Collectibles!

Well folks, the time is almost here. Christmas is next week and we're all saying, "Holy f*ck, I haven't bought anything for anyone!" It's a good thing we're around to help your scramblin' asses out! Today's 13 Horror Gift Ideas focuses on toys and collectibles. Everything from The Walking Dead to Friday the 13th to Evil Dead is represented here;...
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Cool Horror Videos: AITH's Killer Guide to Horror: Ash!

While we're usually focused on all manner of villains, psychos, monsters and murderers on AITH's Killer Guide to Horror , today we're taking a look at one of cinema's greatest heroes: Ashley J. Williams - Ash to you - from the EVIL DEAD franchise and Starz's highly enjoyable (so far) Ash Vs. Evil Dead . You love him, I love him, we all love this bumbling fool, which is why he deserves...
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