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Bruce Campbell still wants to make an Expendables of Horror movie

A while back Bruce Campbell teased a little idea he had for a movie that would be in the same vein as THE EXPENDABLES, only with horror icons. In it, Campbell would team up alongside other horror vets to fight a single threat. The plan was for it to act as a sequel to 2008’s MY NAME IS BRUCE, a film in which he essentially plays himself. The sequel, titled BRUCE VS. FRANKENSTEIN...
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Randy Couture and Scott Adkins to face off on a Distant Shore

You might've noticed that here on AITH we love action as much as we love the horror stuff, so when we hear news of a potentially kickass action flick coming our way we feel obliged to share it with our readers. And we have some news today about a little flick starring two of our favorite action stars that has us stoked! The Hollywood Reporter shared the news that THE EXPENDABLES star...
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