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Review: Drafthouse Films Presents Dangerous Men

PLOT: When a young couple is attacked by bikers on the beach, all hell breaks lose. The woman finds herself desperate to take a little revenge which leads to her own murderous journey. Eh, who the f*ck am I kidding, there really there is no plot… this is just an absolute mess. REVIEW: Let’s face it, DANGEROUS MEN is beyond bad. We are talking THE ROOM, TROLL 2 and PLAN 9 FROM...
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The Test of Time: The Last House on the Left (1972)

We all have certain movies we love. Movies we respect without question because of either tradition, childhood love, or because they’ve always been classics. However, as time keeps ticking, do those classics still hold up? Do they continue to be must see? So…the point of this here column is how a film stands against the Test of Time, if the thing holds up for a modern horror audience....
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Ms. 45 (Movie Review)

PLOT: After being sexually assaulted twice in one day, a demure, mute seamstress in New York City's garment district goes on a ballistic spree of vigilante murder. REVIEW: There's a hell of a lot to admire about MS. 45, Abel Ferrara's forgotten X-rated vigilante-trash-classic. But thanks to Drafthouse Films, a whole new generation of audience will get to see a beautifully...
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Exclusive pics from Ravi Dhar's American Muscle, written by John 'The Arrow' Fallon!

It was only yesterday when we brought you the ultra-badass NSFW trailer for the contemporary exploitation thriller AMERICAN MUSCLE (which was written by AITH's head honcho John 'The Arrow' Fallon!), and today we have some EXCLUSIVE pics from this insane-looking thrill ride to share with you below! AMERICAN MUSCLE follows a recently paroled convict hell bent on...
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Poster and NSFW trailer for American Muscle, written by John 'The Arrow' Fallon!

Hitting the sales block at the American Film Market next month is Ravi Dhar's directorial debut AMERICAN MUSCLE, and today we have a look at the poster (below) the very NSFW trailer for this intense, bloody and completely batshit insane-looking thrill ride that was written by AITH head honcho John 'The Arrow' Fallon. I can't even begin to stress how badass this film...
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Revenge thriller The Seasoning House hitting UK DVD/Blu-Ray next month

Way back in January we shared the newest poster for director Paul Hyett's debut piece, the unrelenting revenge thriller THE SEASONING HOUSE, which premiered at last year’s Frightfest where it was described as “nerve shredding” and “exceptional.” Today we have news that the film will finally be hitting Region 2 DVD and Blu-Ray next month, arriving...
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Check out this totally badass poster for Ron Bonk's She Kills

There is just something about a grindhouse-styled poster that makes me smile. Today we have a look at the totally badass poster for Ron Bonk's upcoming grindhouse/exploitation homage SHE KILLS and I gotta say that it definitely makes me want to see what kind of insanity the film itself will hold. From SRS Cinema, the makers of I SPIT CHEW ON YOUR GRAVE, TERROR AT BLOOD FART LAKE and...
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Debbie Rochon has some Time To Kill

Horrorphiles know the name Debbie Rochon. She's been a mainstay in our beloved genre for more than two decades, appearing in over 200 feature films and shorts and solidifying herself as one of the hardest working actresses in the game. Not only is she immensely talented, but she's sexy as hell to boot. So anytime we hear of a new project featuring the gorgeous Debbie Rochon we're always...
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New Seasoning House poster takes your innocence

We've been eagerly anticipating director Paul Hyett's debut piece, the unrelenting horror flick THE SEASONING HOUSE, with high hopes. Back in November we hit you with the trailer to this nasty looking exploitation flick and today we have a brand new international poster for you to feast your eyes upon. Check that shite out below! THE SEASONING HOUSE centers on Angel, a young mute...
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