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Holidays directors talk their favorite holiday horror films! (Part 2)

READ PART 1 RIGHT HERE! The past few years have seen a renaissance of the anthology horror film - and we couldn't be happier. The latest chilling compendium to arrive on the scene is HOLIDAYS , which is, as you probably could have guessed, a holiday-themed collection that gives due to some of the more notable days of the year. Christmas, St. Patrick's Day, Halloween (duh), New...
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Top 10 Halloween Parties & Masquerade Balls!

Happy Friday of a Halloween Eve our dear good friends! So, what are your big plans for tomorrow night? Gonna go out and do a little trick or treating? Never too old for that one, right? You gonna stay in and load up on booze and herb and get down with a horror movie marathon? Always a good idea. How about Halloween Haunts...hayrides, amusement parks, themed attractions? Can never go wrong...
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Dissecting Stanley Kubrick!

STANLEY KUBRICK! If there were ever a Mount Rushmore of feted film directors - American or otherwise - the late great Stanley Kubrick would have to be interminably etched on its facade. In my eyes, the all but peerless visual maestro is right up there with Welles, Hitchcock and perhaps D. W. Griffith...certainly in terms of the way they all molded, altered and...
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Top 10 Scary Movie Masks!

So, who's going to see YOU'RE NEXT this weekend? Shite looks pretty gnarly, right? It sure does, in no small part due to those savage animalistic masks the perps are sporting in the picture. What the hell are those things supposed to be anyway? Sheep? Bear? Rabbit? I don't care what it is, the whole thing's pretty goddamn disturbing. But is that really all that surprising? Hell no, creepy...
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