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Cool Horror Videos: Friday the 13th Fan Film Never Hike Alone Trailer

In honor of the news a new FRIDAY THE 13TH film might be starting production this March , I felt this was a good day to celebrate all things Jason. But isn't everyday? Either way, why not start by sharing with you guys the trailer for an awesome looking new FRIDAY THE 13TH fan flick called NEVER HIKE ALONE . The flick looks professionally produced, with mucho use of...
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Cool Horror Videos: Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness fan-film

Back in 2007 Marvel and Dynamite Entertainment came together for the five-issue limited series MARVEL ZOMBIES VS. THE ARMY OF DARKNESS, a fun and gory story that found Ash Williams taking on zombiefied versions of some of Marvel's biggest heroes and villains. Now filmmaker Brian Rosenthal has brought it to life with this ultra-cool and badass fan-film below. Check it out!...
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Cool Horror Videos: Amazing fan film Halloween: The Night She Doubted

While I'll be quick to admit that I'm not the biggest fan of fan films as the vast majority of them leave a lot to be desired in terms of acting, production values and story, every once in a blue moon someone delivers a fan film that is worth cheering about. Case in point: HALLOWEEN: THE NIGHT SHE DOUBTED, a new HALLOWEEN-based foreign fan film directed by 19-year-old aspiring...
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Cool Horror Videos: Live action BioShock short Little Sister

Okay, I readily admit that I had no idea what BioShock was (I know, I know...shame on me!). I don't play video games. Not because I don't like them...but because I don't have the patience or skill to win, and I'm a sore loser, dammit! But when we came across this groovy little fan-made short based on BioShock titled LITTLE SISTER, I had to know exactly what the...
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New Line hires Dan Trachtenberg to helm Y The Last Man

After years of gestation, it seems New Line is finally moving forward with their adaptation of Brian K. Vaughn's comic book series Y THE LAST MAN. Commercial director Dan Trachtenberg has been chosen to direct the film. He grabbed the spot based off the success of his short PORTAL: NO ESCAPE, a fan film based on the Valve video game series of the same name. Trachtenberg...
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