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Kite (Fantasia Review)

  PLOT: A young assassin (India Eisley) tries to avenge her parents by killing-off the minions of a flesh-merchant called The Emir. With the help of a renegade cop ( Samuel L. Jackson ) she gets close to her target only to discover that her true enemy may not be who she thinks. REVIEW: There are bad movies, and then there are bad movies. To give you an idea...
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Faults (Fantasia Review)

PLOT: A disgraced cult deprogrammmer ( Leland Orser ) is convinced by a wealthy couple to abduct and deprogram their daughter ( Mary Elizabeth Winstead ) who's fallen in with a cult called “Faults”. REVIEW: Anyone who was lucky enough to catch director Riley Stearns' short film, THE CUB, can understand why – as a festival attending critic – I was...
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Review: The Battery (Fantasia)

PLOT: Two middling baseball players, Mickey (Adam Cronheim) and Ben (Jeremy Gardner) find themselves in the middle of a full-blown zombie apocalypse. They hide out in the forests and back roads of New England, trying to scrape by and avoid the occasional zombie (not that they would ever call it that), while trying not to drive each other crazy. REVIEW: THE BATTERY by...
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Review: Hell Baby (Fantasia)

PLOT: Jack ( Rob Corddry ) and Vanessa ( Leslie Bibb ) are an expectant couple, who move into an infamously cursed house in a run-down section of New Orleans. Within days, Vanessa starts acting strangely, and Jack becomes convinced she's somehow possessed. Meanwhile, two Vatican exorcists ( Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant ) come to New Orleans to avert the birth of...
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