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Review: Sweetwater (Fantasia)

PLOT: In late 1800's New Mexico, a young bride's husband is murdered by a fanatical religious leader. She cuts a swath of vengeance across the territory. REVIEW: Well, they can't all be winners, can they? Even a great festival is not immune from a flop or two, especially late in the festival. Last year, it was probably LAY THE FAVORITE, while this year,...
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Review: Magic Magic (Fantasia)

  PLOT: Alicia ( Juno Temple ) is a fragile young woman, who comes to Chile to visit her cousin, Sarah ( Emily Browning ). After Sarah has to leave for an important exam, Alicia’s left alone with her friends, Agustin (Agustin Silva), Brink ( Michael Cera ) and Barbara (Catalina Sandino Moreno)- on a trip to remote part of the country. Alicia slowly begins to...
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Review: Hell Baby (Fantasia)

PLOT: Jack ( Rob Corddry ) and Vanessa ( Leslie Bibb ) are an expectant couple, who move into an infamously cursed house in a run-down section of New Orleans. Within days, Vanessa starts acting strangely, and Jack becomes convinced she's somehow possessed. Meanwhile, two Vatican exorcists ( Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant ) come to New Orleans to avert the birth of...
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Review: Big Ass Spider (Fantasia)

PLOT: When a giant mutant spider goes on a murderous rampage through downtown Los Angeles, an exterminator (Greg Grunberg) and a security guard (Lomberto Boyar) become unlikely heroes. REVIEW: BIG ASS SPIDER is director Mike Mendez' affectionate tribute to old-time creature features. People are bound to compare this to the recent spate of SyFy/Asylum flicks like...
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Review: Bounty Killer (Fantasia)

PLOT: In a future where the earth has been scorched through a third world war fought by the globe’s biggest corporations, white collar crime has become punishable by death. Corporate execs and businessmen are hunted by the “bounty killers”, a group of celebrity assassins. The top bounty killers are the enigmatic Drifter (Matthew Marsden), and his former...
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Review: Cottage Country (Fantasia)

PLOT: Todd (Tyler Labine) is looking forward to a romantic getaway with his girlfriend Cammie (Malin Akerman) at his parents picturesque lakeside cottage, where he plans to finally ask her to marry him. His plans are ruined when his slacker brother, Salinger (Dan Petronijevic) shows up uninvited, with his trashy girlfriend Masha (Lucy Punch) in tow. When an argument between...
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Review: Frankenstein's Army (Fantasia)

PLOT: Towards the end of WW2, on the Eastern Front, a platoon of Russian soldiers answer a distress call only to find themselves trapped in a secret Nazi lab run by the Grandson of Dr. Viktor Frankenstein. There, he's built an army of undead soldiers, combining human flesh and machinery, in the mad hope of using his creations to take over the world. REVIEW: More...
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Review: Confession of Murder (Fantasia)

PLOT: Fifteen years after a serial killer's reign of terror seemingly comes to an end, a man named Lee Doo-seok (Park Si-hoo) comes forward, confessing to the crimes. Now that the fifteen year statute of limitations has passed, Lee doesn't have to worry about paying for his crimes, and after writing a tell-all confessional, he becomes an overnight celebrity and media...
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Review: The Conjuring (Fantasia)

PLOT: Ed ( Patrick Wilson ) and Lorraine ( Vera Farmiga ) Warren are demonologists who are called upon to help a family that’s being terrorized by a demonic spirit. Oh yeah, and its “inspired by true events”. Umm hmm. REVIEW: I’ve long been fascinated by Ed and Lorraine Warren. A couple of years ago, I had a job as an overnight operator at an AM radio station that...
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