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Top 10 Horror Movie Barrooms!

Alright my fellow Arrow in the Headers, it's now T-minus 11 days until old Saint Patty's Day rolls around. You know what that means, right?? Yup, we're thrashing through an epic pub-crawl starting right this very second! You with us? You goddamn better be! I mean it guys. Clear the deck. Wipe the slate. Hydrate. It's about to be a brutal Bacchanal up in this bitch! That's right y'all,...
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Thanksgiving Face-Off: Leatherface Vs. The Creeper

It feels like a holiday miracle that the crappy Friday the 13th remake actually got some minor love with our last Face-Off . It seems that the majority disagreed with the outcome that had Ken Kirzinger beating Derek Mears as the better Jason. I will say this to the Mears supporters: sorry your guy lost, but go ahead and look back at the categories. It takes more than just how a slasher...
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Unlock Marcus Dunstan's The Collection on DVD/Blu-ray this March

Y'all get a chance to clock THE COLLECTION in theaters last month? Well, from the theater to the living room in less than 4 months...Lionsgate is placing Marcus Dunstan's THE COLLECTION on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Download on March 26th. Here's the official presser: The Collection arrives on Blu-ray Disc, DVD, Digital Download and Video On Demand on March 26from Lionsgate...
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