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Where in the Horror are they now? Robert Patrick!

ROBERT PATRICK THEN : What kind of guy does it take to beat down Arnold Schwarzenegger in the prime of the muscleman’s career? Someone that may not look altogether terrifying, that is until he has you in his sights and you suddenly realize you are f*cked. The actor that was ably equipped to take that on is Robert Patrick when he was hired on as the T-1000 in...
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Where in the Horror are they now? Craig Sheffer!

CRAIG SHEFFER THEN : There was a time where it seemed Craig Sheffer was primed for mega movie stardom. He made teenage girls sigh as the rebel boyfriend opposite Virginia Madsen in 1986 with FIRE WITH FIRE. In 1987, he caused a bit of trouble for Eric Stoltz in the hit John Hughes teen flick SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL. And after a brief stint on the animated...
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