TV Review: The Walking Dead (Season 4, Episode 12, March 2, 2014)

Join us every MONDAY as we review the latest episode... EPISODE 12: Still THE HOOK: In the wake of war with Woodbury, Rick and his group have turned the prison into a working community, but danger continues to stir on the outside as well as from within. The following contains MAJOR SPOILERS, so I don't recommend reading this if you haven't watched this episode...
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Kill of the Day: Dead Space: Aftermath (2011)

If you guys like yourself a little sci-fi then I've got a nice little treat for you today. Actually I'd say the DEAD SPACE franchise pretty much hits the nail on the head when it comes to science fiction, wouldn't you say? For today's Kill of the Day we're going to go ahead and skip the video games. We're going straight for the animated flicks for today's clip! From DEAD SPACE:...
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Kill of the Day: Godzilla 2000 (1999)

Folks today I'm going to share with you all one of my favorite death scenes that I've seen in a while. Seriously, watch this clip and watch it put a smile on your face. By smile I actually mean a little chuck and smirk. This one is fun folks! For today's Kill of the Day we're looking at the legacy of Godzilla and the little gem that is GODZILLA 2000. This scene takes place at the end of...
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Kill of the Day: "Supernatural" (2005)

I'm going to be honest with you guys, I really wasn't expecting to be such a big fan of "Supernatural." My main reason being is the show airs on The CW and let's be real... it's The CW. Low and behold though "Supernatural" is a saving grace on a network filled with other garbage. The show is nearing it's 9th season and is still kicking ass! For today's Kill of the Day we rewind to the...
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Kill of the Day: Cabin Fever (2002)

Back in 2002 Eli Roth unleashed CABIN FEVER to the world and a new name in horror was born. For good reason too in my opinion. When I first saw CABIN FEVER I dug the flick a lot, and if you ask me it far outweighs both HOSTEL flicks. Then again that's just this schmuck's opinion. Today I'm celebrating that opinion by using a scene from CABIN FEVER for today's Kill of the Day. In this...
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Kill of the Day: The Collection (2012)

I just tapped Marcus Dunstan's THE COLLECTION the other day and I dug it. Can't say I was surprised. I loved THE COLLECTOR and THE COLLECTION made a perfect companion piece. Now let's tie this shite up in a nice little trilogy and call it a day! Anyway, while there were many badass kills in THE COLLECTION, I've decided to go with a tamer one for today's Kill of the Day. If only because...
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Out Of The Grave: This Week on The Walking Dead (Episode 14 / March 17, 2013)

Join us every MONDAY as we review the latest episode... EPISODE 14: Prey THE HOOK: With Hershel's farm overrun, Rick and company are on the move again. They come across a prison which Rick feels would be perfect...once it's purged of walkers. But the dead aren't the only danger lurking in the shadows. THE LOWDOWN: (The following column contains MAJOR SPOILERS,...
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Kill of the Day: Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

Today's Kill of the Day involves the burning of an entire village. Some pretty vicious stuff. Would you believe me if I told you this was probably the least controversial part of this film? That's right folks - I'm talking about CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST! There are so many messed up scenes in this flick but for today's Kill we've got this clip here where the Yacumo Village is burnt to the...
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Kill of the Day: Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest (1995)

I tossing a curve-ball your way for today's Kill of the Day. How so? Well because it comes from the unimpressive sequel CHILDREN OF THE CORN III: URBAN HARVEST. Sure the flick as a whole but not be worth remembering but check out his death scene! This poor woman goes to light up her cigarette and ends up with her face melted. Tobacco kills kids! Children of the Corn III: Urban...
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