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Horror Movie Hotties: Parasitic (2012)

Today's "Horror Movie Hottie" clip is from one of the worst things I've ever seen (and I've seen a lot of crap), PARASITIC. The friend of mine who made me watch it claims it's one of his favorite movies of all time, which explains why he lives in a home for the mentally insane. While I personally wouldn't recommend it, I didn't think the opening credits sequence was half-bad, since it...
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Horror Whores: Midsummer Lingerie Masquerade (2013)

With the recent news that Danielle Harris would be retiring from acting, I've decided we'll once again take a look at the horror goddess in today's Horror Whores. While today's clip doesn't feature a scene from a horror flick, it does have Danielle Harris last month where she was front and center at Las Vegas' Midsummer Lingerie Masquerade. Harris, and many other ladies, had their sexy...
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