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Check out the trailer & poster for I Remember You

I hadn't heard a thing about I REMEMBER YOU until today. But after giving the official trailer and poster for IFC Midnight's Icelandic thriller from Oskar Thor Axelsson (BLACK'S GAME) a peek, I'm mucho interested to check out the full film this November.  The movie looks somber, cold, dark, and creepy as hell. A winning combination in my eyes, for sure. But...
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Remakes of The Orphanage, Julia's Eyes and The Body on the way

Rodar y Rodar, one of Spain's most successful genre film companies, is looking to remake at least four of their own flicks. And while that news may be a bit disheartening to the purists out there, the studio is also developing a batch of new projects that sound very promising. On the remake front, Rodar is actively working on English-language versions of THE ORPHANAGE (which has...
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