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Top 10 Frankenstein Flicks!

So, who's pumped for I, FRANKENSTEIN coming out this week? To be honest, as much as I dig the sick Doctor's age old creation of the patchwork zombie with moral shadings - I kind of think this new Aaron Eckhart joint looks pretty silly. I mean, a PG-13 January release? Not very promising in my opinion. Unfortunate, again, mainly for the rich tradition of such a venerated character born...
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Hammer Films' Frankenstein Created Woman coming to Blu-ray

Millennium Entertainment has just revealed their plans for a high-definition release of the cult classic 1967 Hammer Film, FRANKENSTEIN CREATED WOMAN on January 28th. Directed by Terence Fisher and starring horror icon Peter Cushing, Susan Denberg and Thorley Walters, Millennium's Collector's Edition of Frankenstein Created Woman marks the first time that US fans will be able to enjoy the...
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Millennium Entertainment to hit us with Hammer Horror

Most genre fans have a healthy respect for the classics that inspired modern day horror and no one did it better than Hammer Horror. Hammer is best known for their Gothic horror films that included DRACULA: PRINCE OF DARKNESS, FRANKENSTEIN MUST BE DESTROYED, THE MUMMY and DRACULA AD 1972, as well as helping to solidify actors such as Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing as icons of the...
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