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Face-Off: A New Beginning Tommy Jarvis vs. Jason Lives Tommy Jarvis

This Friday is a Friday the 13th, so it seemed fitting to make FRIDAY THE 13TH the theme for this week's Face-Off. Past FRIDAY THE 13TH Face-Offs have put movie against movie and given more attention to iconic slasher Jason Voorhees, but one aspect of the series that has been neglected are the heroes and heroines. Many fans consider Tommy Jarvis to be Jason's greatest foe - the character...
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Cool Horror Videos: Jon Lajoie's ode to Friday the 13th 5

Comedian Jon Lajoie has released a steady stream of songs over the years, but I always thought the pinnacle of his musical offerings would be the 2008 YouTube hit "Show Me Your Genitals". That has changed now, however, as Lajoie has put out a new song that speaks directly to my soul. His latest tune is called " A New Beginning ", and it tells a story that many...
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Top 10 Friday The 13th Hotties!

Don't look now friends, but next week comes one of the best days of the year to be a horror fan...Friday the 13th! Not sure about you, but I've already dusted off my box-set, pulled out the kill cards (yes, I keep a running tally) and cleared some space in the old schedule to make way for the traditional Voorhees marathon. Color me pumped! But not just pumped to see my man Jason do his...
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