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Where in the Horror are they Now? Steve Miner!

STEVE MINER THEN : We put a lot of time into the myriad of actors and actresses that have graced us with their presence for Where in the Horror are They Now. Every so often though, a filmmaker or a writer comes to mind who I haven’t seen for a bit. So here I am watching FRIDAY THE 13th PART 2 - one of my personal favorites - and there is Steve Miner at the...
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Top 10 Most Fun/Entertaining Friday the 13th Characters!

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Not sure how you feel, but around here, this fateful date stands only behind Halloween as our favorite celebratory horror holiday. All hail the murderous man-child of the hour...Mr. Jason Voorhees! Now, in the past on this killer calendar coincidence, we've highlighted everything from a Top 10 FRIDAY THE 13TH Deaths, Top 10 FRIDAY THE 13TH Hotties, hell we...
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Where in the Horror are they Now? Adrienne King!

ADRIENNE KING THEN: Halloween is over. That wonderful night where ghouls and goblins run free has passed. Generally I have a hard time saying goodbye until next year. Of course, this year there is a very special date in November. It is one that has become just as important to horror as the night Michael Myers came home. With FRIDAY THE 13th only days away, we...
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Cool Horror Gear: Friday the 13th Part 2 vinyl from Waxwork Records!

On the eve of another Friday the 13th, the LP-loving folks at Waxwork Records have given us a real good reason to scream TGIF! The company has announced it will be releasing a FRIDAY THE 13th PART 2 vinyl this May. This after giving the same treatment to the original slasher classic last year. You can check out the awesome artwork for the vinyl below. Per Waxwork: The...
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Horror Movie Hotties: Friday the 13th: Part 2 (1981)

Yes, Virginia, there is a Jason Voorhees. Friday the 13th is coming up for the second month in a row, which rarely happens, so of course this calls for some sort of freaky celebration. In other words, it gives me the opportunity to share hotties clips from the campy horror series that keeps on giving. Let's start with Kirsten Baker, who sported some short shorts and a Mickey Mouse...
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Dissecting Jason Voorhees!

JASON VOORHEES! GET FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION HERE Okay friendos, let's hear about was your Friday the 13th? You still tipsy or what? Did you have any sinister black-cat encounters or suffer any ill-fated superstitions of some kind? Or better yet, did you make some much deserved, celebratory time for Mr. FRIDAY THE 13TH himself,...
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Cool Horror Gear: Badass Friday the 13th, Witchboard, Salem's Lot shirts!

Fright-Rags is one of the top names in horror apparel, and today's update from the company does not disappoint. In honor of the tail end of summer as it meets Halloween's approach, Fright-Rags is busting out four brand new designs that are sure to make any horror fan froth at the mouth. Below you'll see T-shirt designs for "Ginny's Revenge" (of course from FRIDAY THE 13th PART 2 ),...
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Top 10 Friday the 13th Movies (Ranked!)

AHHHH YAY-UHH! Today's the day, friends. The annual unofficial horror holiday...FRIDAY THE 13TH! Halloween notwithstanding, this has to be the best day of the year for horror fans, right? That is, unless you have a problem with my man Voorhees and his ruthless day of reckoning. If so, get the fuck out of here Jack, we don't need your kind. We're all about the hockey mask around here, and...
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Top 10 Friday The 13th Hotties!

Don't look now friends, but next week comes one of the best days of the year to be a horror fan...Friday the 13th! Not sure about you, but I've already dusted off my box-set, pulled out the kill cards (yes, I keep a running tally) and cleared some space in the old schedule to make way for the traditional Voorhees marathon. Color me pumped! But not just pumped to see my man Jason do his...
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Where in the Horror are they now? Amy Steel!

AMY STEEL THEN : With the recent news of Paramount getting the rights back to a little franchise called FRIDAY THE 13th, I was inspired by an old familiar face. First off, I love what I like to call meat and potatoes kinds of slasher flicks. And with the possibility that we may see more Jason Voorhees in the future, it had me thinking about one of my personal...
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