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Dissecting J.J. Abrams!

J.J. ABRAMS! Quick query. Is J.J. Abrams the new Spielberg? Think about it. Or is it now more apt to equate the visionary Hollywood power-player with that of George Lucas? Perhaps J.J. can be considered a 21st century hybrid of the two. After-all, few filmmakers these days can wield the same kind of producorial power and still remain an uncompromised artistic output...
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Top 10 Best Horror/Sci-fi TV Shows!

Quick question: which medium is currently putting out better entertainment, horror/sci-fi movies or horror/sci-fi television? Not so easy, is it. In the last 5 to 7 years or so, the small-screen has been at the forefront of fostering cutting edge genre material - often original, some spinoff - with many new shows ascending to ungodly levels of popularity over that span. Hell, "The Walking...
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ABC throws away paranormal show Weird Desk days after ordering 13 episodes

Either ABC is schizophrenic these days, or they're feeling pressure from a higher power. Either way, they've just put the brakes on the paranormal investigation series "Weird Desk" , which sounded like it was in the tradition of "The X-Files" and "Fringe", a week after ordering 13 episodes . What gives? According to, "Weird Desk" will no longer be produced for...
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