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Salma Hayek reminisces about her From Dusk Till Dawn dance scene

The 1996 film FROM DUSK TILL DAWN is one of my all-time favorites. The Robert Rodriguez / Quentin Tarantino collaboration (Rodriguez directed, Tarantino wrote the screenplay and has an acting role in the film) truly captured my imagination at the time of its release and blew me away with its incredible cast (George Clooney, Harvey Keitel, Juliette Lewis, Cheech Marin, Danny Trejo, Tom...
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From Dusk Till Dawn (Unseen Halloween Returns Review)

Last October, Arrow in the Head presented a column called UNSEEN HALLOWEEN , in which the staff recommended movies that are by and large very obscure. This yeah, UNSEEN HALLOWEEN RETURNS! But with a twist! Each writer is now tackling a very popular horror movie that has somehow eluded them throughout the years. Yeah, we expect to hear it from you guys, but so what! It's...
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From Dusk Till Dawn is coming back to theatres for its 20th anniversary

When the Robert Rodriguez / Quentin Tarantino collaboration FROM DUSK TILL DAWN was released in 1996, it rocked my world. I was already a fan of both filmmakers when this project was announced, and the idea of them teaming up to make a vampire movie was very exciting. I went into the theatre extremely hyped, and was not disappointed. When the film hit VHS, I proceeded to watch and...
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You can watch From Dusk Till Dawn's season 3 premiere 2 weeks early for free

The good news about living in the online era is that, if you want to sample a show, they're oh so happy to oblige. Most shows stream their pilot episodes for free to snare new viewers, but El Rey is doing you one better. The third season of  From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series will be dropping its first episode  two weeks early  for free on iTunes, GooglePlay,...
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Hell (and Tom Savini) is coming in this From Dusk Till Dawn season 3 teaser

From Dusk Till Dawn season 3 is bringing Hell to Earth in this blood-fueled teaser. But that's not all that's coming to the El Rey show. Co-star of the original film Tom Savini is gracing the series with his indelible presence, and there's a brief but enticing shot of him in this new promo. He'll be playing Burt, a retired pothead demon hunter, so Sex Machine...
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From Dusk Till Dawn season three bares its fangs this September

From Dusk Till Dawn 's ten episode third season is looking to be a real doozy, and El Rey has released some great news. The blood sucking show will return extremely soon, hitting the network on  September 6th at 9PM ET . If you had asked me three years ago if I thought a series based on FROM DUSK TILL DAWN would last more than half a season, I would have laughed in your...
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These From Dusk Till Dawn season 3 pics look bloody fun

From Dusk Till Dawn season 3 will rock El Rey this Fall, and now we have our first look at its expanded, bloody universe! Below, you can check out five photos that detail exactly where this wicked little show will be headed now that it has fully broken free from the guiding influence of the original film. Maurice Compte and Nicky Whelan will be joining returning cast...
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Nicky Whelan, Maurice Compte join From Dusk Till Dawn season 3

El Rey's From Dusk Till Dawn series has been resurrected for a third season, because it takes a lot to kill a vampire. They're even boosting their cast numbers, adding the likes of Nicky Whelan (pictured above) and Maurice Compte. Whelan is an Australian actress who has appeared in the popular Aussie soap Neighbors as well as American flicks like HALL PASS and THE...
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Reguera, Savini, and Zaror join From Dusk Till Dawn season 3

The 1996 film FROM DUSK TILL DAWN is full of great characters, and Tom Savini's biker character Sex Machine becomes one of the most memorable immediately upon appearing on the screen, wielding a whip and packing an obscene-looking gun under his codpiece. Savini missed out on the first two seasons of El Rey Network's From Dusk Till Dawn television series and the role of Sex...
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From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series begins production on Season Three

MIRAMAX and El Rey Network announced today the start of production on the third season of its dark and highly-addictive original drama, From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series. Comprised of ten hour-long episodes, the series, based on the iconic film franchise of the same name, will feature a returning ensemble cast that includes: D.J. Cotrona, Zane Holtz, Eiza González, Jesse Garcia, Madison...
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The Test of Time: From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

We all have certain movies we love. Movies we respect without question because of either tradition, childhood love, or because they’ve always been classics. However, as time keeps ticking, do those classics still hold up? Do they continue to be must see? So…the point of this here column is how a film stands against the Test of Time, if the thing holds up for a modern...
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Dissecting Quentin Tarantino!

QUENTIN TARANTINO! Wouldn't you say Quentin Tarantino has branded himself quite well over the past 20 years? Dude's namesake alone has as much cache and become as an attractive sway as his films themselves. And while he hasn't helmed an out-and-out horror joint per se, an argument can be made that the sustained high level of violence in his films are...
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