Necessary Evil: The Monster Squad Sequel!

Greetings, my horror-loving friends and welcome back to round 3 of our new Necessary Evil column. I had fun messing around with the whole horror-on-a-holiday trope with our last Necessary Evil and hope that you did too. For today's idea entry, we would like to continue to feed our Halloween spirit as our favorite holiday is rapidly approaching by bringing up a classic film...
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Face-Off: Pumpkinhead Vs. Sam

As I thought, the major majority agreed with the result of our last Michael Myers Face-Off which had 1981's Halloween II easily disposing of Rob Zombie's infamously awful Halloween II. There were just a few hard rockin Zombie lovers who felt shortchanged, but I think they need to watch his trashy version once more and listen to the dialogue. Regardless, let's stab on! In keeping with...
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House on Sorority Row- Horror Movie Review (Day 12 of 31)- October Massacre

PLOT: A sorority prank goes horribly wrong, resulting in a tragic death. Rather than going to the authorities, the nubile, young sisters decide to keep quiet and continue with the big party they have planned for that night. Suffice to say, someone takes issue with their spoiled behavior and before you can say, “Theti-pi, sister-pi” , the bodies begin to pile up!...
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Announcement! AITH Presents The October Massacre!

Hey gang (I suddenly feel like I’m in a Scooby-Do episode), Arrow here with some groovy news for you all! As you know October marks one of our favorite times of the year here on Arrow in the Head ; yes the Halloween Season, a time where horror oozes out of everywhere for everybody, not just for horror fans! This year we decided to do a little something special for you all on top...
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Another AllPosters back to school sale! 30% off! Today only! is having their annual "Back to School Sale" and they got all kinds of slick posters going for cheaper than cheap. To save 30% on all purchases, make sure to use this code RXR796 which you enter in the "Add Gift Certificate Or Coupon Code" box on the"Please Confirm Your Purchase". The sale expires today! You can click on...
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Comic Con: Some of the coolest shite I saw at the Con!

Hey all, as you know the San Diego Comic Con has come and gone once again (although our father site is still pimping out content as we speak, check it) and it was swell to geek out, hang with some of the and AITH crew, see some old pals and of course to take in all of the movie/comic book goodies that were on hand. As per every year, there was...
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