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Top 10 Scariest Extraterrestrials!

So, how many of you have spotted the unassuming ETA of EXTRATERRESTRIAL coming down the pike? We really don't blame you if not, the low-key flick has aptly remained hidden in plain sight, just as all those real life aliens have purported to be here on Earth (do you believe?) But that doesn't alter the fact that next Friday (November 17th) marks the day EXTRATERRESTRIAL touches down in cinemas...
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Top 10 Outer-Space Horrors!

So, y'all fin to feel the weight of GRAVITY this weekend? Hell, I know I am...and not just because it's the latest film from Mexican maestro Alfonso Caron...but because this shite looks like the kind of grandiose, prestigious genre projects we used to get on the regular a few decades ago. Right? It looks like a serious film, not just a cheap, exploitative thriller for ADD-riddled tweens. The...
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Sell-Out or Not: Robert Englund?!

Ready to decide who's a SELL-OUT OR NOT? Last time out, the majority of you felt that we either made too weak a sell-out case for the great Wes Craven, or that the man has simply NOT become a Hollywood sellout over the years. Well this here column, not unlike the last, will unofficially indict either an actor, director, producer, writer - basically anyone who at one time or another held...
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