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Cool Horror Gear: The Walking Dead Merle statue

We've seen a ton of cool figures and statues for many of the characters on AMC's popular undead series "The Walking Dead", but we have yet to see one for the character on the show we all loved to hate, Merle. That has all changed thanks to Gentle Giant who have finally revealed their Merle Dixon Walker statue! You can take a peek at it below, but if you haven't see...
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Cool Horror Gear: The Walking Dead Governor mini bust

Gentle Giant continues to impress as they've created yet another fantastic mini bust modeled after David Morrissey's Governor from " The Walking Dead " Season 3. This would be the perfect companion piece to the Michonne mini bust we showed you guys a couple of weeks ago. Season Three of The Walking Dead reminds us that Walkers aren’t the only to be...
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Cool Horror Gear: The Walking Dead Michonne Mini Bust

Gentle Giant has just revealed their Comic-Con exclusive from " The Walking Dead " as they'll be offering a limited edition mini bust of the badass katana-wielding Michonne that first appears in the second-season finale. Michonne was one of the major highlights of the third season. Her character quietly kicked ass and didn't take shit from anyone, not even the...
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Cool Horror Gear: The Walking Dead zombie mini bust

Fans of the undead and AMC's THE WALKING DEAD are really going to get a kick out of Gentle Giant's latest mini zombie bust. It's based on the "Sophia Stalker" walker from Season 2 and it looks cool as hell. The detail is fantastic as they captured the need for flesh on the zombie's face perfectly. This bust is certainly one that any fan of the horror genre...
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