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George Miller is suing Warner Bros. over Mad Max: Fury Road

When the incredible MAD MAX: FURY ROAD  was released back in 2015, MAD MAX franchise creator George Miller let it be known that he intended to bring the title character back in a sequel called MAD MAX: THE WASTELAND . Around that time, Miller also said that he wanted to make a smaller film before diving back into Max's world. Two and a half years later, that smaller film...
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The Doof Warrior will return in Mad Max: The Wasteland

All the character known as The Doof Warrior did in MAD MAX: FURY ROAD was hang around on one of the many customized vehicles and play his guitar... which also happened to be a flamethrower. He wasn't important to the story, but he was still a memorable part of the film, since he was so odd and cool. I would expect The Doof Warrior to be a one-off character - he shows up for a...
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Tom Hardy is waiting for the call about Mad Max sequels

Are you anxiously waiting for news on director George Miller's MAD MAX plans following MAD MAX: FURY ROAD ? Tom Hardy, who replaced Mel Gibson in the role of iconic antihero Max Rockatansky in FURY ROAD, is right there with you. Speaking with TheWrap, Hardy revealed that he hasn't heard anything more about a sequel than we have, but he also confirmed that he's ready to...
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Rumor: George Miller is in pre-production on the next Mad Max film

After the release of MAD MAX: FURY ROAD , it was pretty clear that it was only a matter of time before series creator George Miller would be returning to the world of MAD MAX, as he openly stated in interviews that two more Max stories had already been written - one in screenplay form, the other a novella. But could the wait for another MAD MAX movie already be nearing its end?...
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Face-Off: The Witches of Eastwick vs. The Craft

This weekend, Adam Wingard will be ushering the Blair Witch back to the big screen after a sixteen year absence in a film that our own JimmyO says is "a truly terrifying cinematic experience". In anticipation of BLAIR WITCH, this week's theme is witches, but rather than venture into the Black Hills Forest for this Face-Off I decided to take a look at some witches who are more relatable than the...
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George Miller may still direct Mad Max movies after all

  On the day when his film MAD MAX: FURY ROAD received a stunning ten Oscar nominations - including Best Picture and Best Director - George Miller has clarified his stance on the future of the franchise. A few days ago we quoted Miller as saying he was through with MAD MAX films, as Page Six reported the Australian helmer had basically washed his hands of the post-apocalyptic...
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George Miller claims he wont make more Mad Max movies, gets DGA nomination

  Is George Miller preparing to leave the MAD MAX franchise in the dust? Contrary to what he's indicated in the past, this past weekend the FURY ROAD director claimed he's through with the series. This is not the news I needed today. Speaking to Page Six at the Golden Globes (where FURY ROAD was up for multiple awards but won none), Miller had this to say: I won’t make...
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Charlize Theron's Furiosa might not be in the next Mad Max

The many of you who thought (perhaps correctly) that Tom Hardy's Max Rockatansky got the short shrift in MAD MAX: FURY ROAD might well jump for joy at the following news. In an interview with Digital Spy, director George Miller revealed that his proposed sequels to FURY ROAD may not feature much of Charlize Theron's badass Furiosa, who owned much of that film's spotlight. I'm not...
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George Miller still has two more Mad Max movies ready to go

George Miller is still down to make more MAD MAX movies, so relax guys. We've always known that a trilogy of new MAX flicks was in the works from the get-go, but the intensity of getting FURY ROAD made combined with its somewhat lukewarm box office reception (#375 million worldwide, which is just OK in today's market) conspired to raise doubts whether or not we'd actually get another...
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Charlize Theron not signed up for Mad Max: The Wasteland?

This might have been an odd thing to see pre- MAD MAX: FURY ROAD , but not anymore: It's hard to imagine another MAD MAX movie without Charlize Theron's Furiosa. The tough-as-nails character stole the show in George Miller's instant-classic this past May, and while some expressed regret that her screentime came somewhat at the expense of Tom Hardy's Max, you cannot deny Furiosa/Theron...
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Mad Max: Fury Road rides onto DVD and Blu-ray on September 1st

It took me longer than expected to make it to the theatre to see MAD MAX: FURY ROAD back in May, but once I did I was treated to a mind-blowing spectacle of vehicular mayhem that may well be my favorite movie of the year. I can't wait to see it again, and to watch it over and over again. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has now announced the date when I can start doing so. MAD...
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Cool Horror Videos: '80s style trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road

PLAYBACK Collective somehow, someway, made an already kickass MAD MAX: FURY ROAD trailer stand out even more by giving it the gloriously grimy ‘80s treatment with electronic/synth music from Power Glove blasting in the background. Solid stuff! Right now, George Miller’s MAD MAX: FURY ROAD is sitting pretty with $280 million worldwide. Music to our ears! Dig on the trailer...
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