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More details on the Escape From New York remake; casting shortlist for Snake

An ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK remake has been in Hollywood's crosshairs for a few years, and back in March of 2013 we learned that producer Joel Silver had plans for an entirely new take on the story, with a goal of making a trilogy of films. Like it or not, the remake is still moving forward, and now we've learned some details on what direction the ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK remake might...
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Dean Devlin's Geostorm, starring Gerard Butler and Ed Harris, sounds amazing

GEOSTORM has flown under our radar for far too long. Sounding like a Syfy/The Asylum collaboration with a touch of Golan-Globus, the sci-fi disaster pic is being helmed by Dean Devlin (Roland Emmerich's ex-partner) and is amassing a pretty decent cast including Gerard Butler, Ed Harris, Abbie Cornish, Jim Sturgess, Alexandra Maria Lara and Andy Garcia. All of those people have signed...
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It's the Booze Talkin': Can Patrick Lussier direct another flick already!

As an old school fan of James Cameronís THE TERMINATOR and TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY, I find myself feeling cautiously optimistic for the upcoming TERMINATOR: GENESIS. While the last two feature films didnít quite live up to the franchise good name, Iím hoping for the best with this new flick. Of course if you havenít heard, this highly anticipated sequel boasts a fun cast including...
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Kill of the Day: 300 (2006)

Well folks with 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE due out early next year I figured now would be a good time to revisit Zack Snyder's successful original. When 300 came out I don't think people expected to much from it. Zack Snyder adapting the graphic novel 300? Sure it was going to be awesome, but this thing shattered expectations. Personally I had a blast with it and I'm sure I'm not the only...
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Escape from New York remake is on again, with Joel Silver producing

ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK remake? Heard you were dead... Yes, it's true. Deadline.com is reporting that Joel Silver and Studio Canal are rebooting John Carpenter's 1981 cult classic ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK. Not only that, it's an origin story! And the beginning of a trilogy! According to the site, "Silver is planning an entirely new take on the material. The goal is to turn it into a...
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