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Suspiria - 40th Anniversary Leatherbook is gorgeous

This a fun article to write. You see this 40th anniversary Blu-ray of SUSPIRIA is only available in Germany - better go ahead and buy that all-region player you've been eyeing - and so I had to go to the German company's Facebook page and translate all the info.  Forgive me if anything is a tad off here or there. The point is this is an amazing 40th Anniversary Limited...
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Cool Horror Videos: Awesome sci-fi short R'Ha that could be taking over Hollywood

Storming onto the net today is a pretty sweet horror short called R'HA , from 22 year old German director Kaleb Lechowski. The flick is entirely CG, devoid of actors, but clearly pulls from some of the all time sci-fi greats to create an intense six minutes. Word is at least one Hollywood exec has taken notice with an interested eye. Could mean big things for this Kaleb fella. Cop...
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