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Horror Movie Hotties: I Survived A Zombie Holocaust (2015)

Today's horror hottie comes from a campy zom-com called I SURVIVED A ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST. Seems a tad odd that we'd be featuring a clip from a movie with the word "holocaust" in the title so close to Memorial Day. That said, aside form being filmed in Germany, the movie has pretty much nothing to do with the events leading up to WW2. Anyway, the important...
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Cool Horror Videos: Awesome sci-fi short R'Ha that could be taking over Hollywood

Storming onto the net today is a pretty sweet horror short called R'HA , from 22 year old German director Kaleb Lechowski. The flick is entirely CG, devoid of actors, but clearly pulls from some of the all time sci-fi greats to create an intense six minutes. Word is at least one Hollywood exec has taken notice with an interested eye. Could mean big things for this Kaleb fella. Cop...
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